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  1. Red, white and blue beef cattle system aims to improving calving

    McGREGOR -- A patriotic color scheme used in a cattle production system study aims to make cow-calf production more efficient and ultimately produce more pounds of beef with fewer acres, according to researchers.
  2. West Texas goat and sheep ranchers are going to the dogs

    SAN ANGELO -- The West Texas sheep and goat industry soon will be "going to the dogs" if a team of Texas A&M AgriLife experts has their way.
  3. Post-breeding nutrition affects heifer pregnancy rates

    Heifer breeding season is fast approaching. Achieving a desirable pregnancy rate in replacement heifers is contingent upon many things, but it all begins with nutrition. The vast majority of articles discussing heifer nutrition focus on the pre-breeding phase and address the desired body weight and condition at breeding. Pre-breeding nutrition is imperative but post-breeding nutrition also should be given due diligence.
  4. Goats being groomed to fight juniper

    SONORA -- If Texans were to pick a plant that brings loathing and dread to city dwellers and ranchers alike, a range expert predicts the answer might well be juniper -- or cedar, as it's more commonly called.

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