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  1. Cotton rot is nothing to root for to be a topic at 2016 Blackland Income Growth Conference

    WACO -- A variety of weed control options will be discussed in-depth at the 2016 Blackland Income Growth Conference scheduled Jan. 5-6 at the Waco Convention Center.
  2. AgriLife Research scientist: Delay corn planting in stressful years

    AMARILLO -- A wet spring filled with hail storms brought challenges to this year's corn crop, some that a Texas A&M AgriLife Research scientist said could have been avoided if planting had been delayed by a couple weeks or more.
  3. Helping Texans prepare for, recover from natural disasters

    FLORESVILLE -- With tornadoes and floods affecting many areas of South Central Texas in late October, the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service reminds residents the agency provides publications and other educational materials to help prepare for and recover from natural disasters.
  4. Cow-calf operations benefit from a timely BCS evaluation

    A cow's reproductive performance is measured by her ability to conceive, deliver and "mother" a calf to weaning every 365 days. In a commercial cow-calf operation, this is the primary factor affecting profitability. Most instances of poor reproductive performance in a herd are due to inadequate nutrition.

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