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While there are plenty of beloved holiday traditions in Texas, celebrating with the family and friends gathered ‘round has no rules or rubric. Entertaining can be as classic, casual, off-the-cuff, or over-the-top crazy as desired!  Over the years, however, I’ve noticed that some of the best …

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From time to time, lumps and bumps will show up on cattle, often occurring on the head. Some of these have little significance, while others indicate a more serious problem needing attention.

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OVERTON – The bright, crimson red holiday ornamental plant staple – the poinsettia – has a few needs to help it thrive throughout the holidays, according to Dr. Brent Pemberton, Texas A&M AgriLife Research ornamental horticulturist, Overton.  “Poinsettia care for the holidays is pretty straightforward,” he said. “When people pick them up, they’re ready for […]

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