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The Eagle: Letters To Editor

Letters To Editor

Letters for March 27

Thanks to CS Cotton Patch employees and diners for help

Wednesday 03/25/2015
Letters for March 26

Barack Obama has been an exceptionally bad president

A few days ago on Fox News I heard a Barack Obama apologist call Obama an "exceptional" president. In my opinion, he is an "exceptionally bad" president.

As Dick Cheney recently wrote, Obama is the worst president in our lifetime. He entered the presidency inexperienced, inept and ignorant of the office. In his six years, this is very evident.

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Tuesday 03/24/2015
Letters for March 25

We must remember the Holocaust so we don't repeat it

In 1993 I wrote a letter to The Wall Street Journal responding to a controversy over the wisdom of teaching young children about the Holocaust.

In summary, I said although I am not a Jew and was not born until 1946, these circumstances do not preclude my feeling anger, fear and heartbreak when I recall the Holocaust.

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Monday 03/23/2015
Letters for March 24

Jesus did not have to find his better self because he lived it

For the entirety of Christian church history, from the church's birth at Pentecost to the present day, the most fundamental question the church can ask and answer is, "Who is Jesus?"

The church always has answered, "Jesus is both Lord and Christ ." Great creeds, controversies, and events have centered on this fundamental confession of the church.

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Thursday 03/19/2015
Letters for March 19

Christian productions should not use public school facilities

An article complete with pictures headlined "Ballet shares the biblical story of Moses" (Eagle, March 15) caught my eye. The performance is to be held at Rudder High School.

The Eagle notes that the ballet company's website says founder Kathy Thibodeaux "envisioned Christian dancers coming together for the purpose of glorifying God in dance. In addition to bringing people into worship, Kathy wanted the group to be an outreach ministry in which dancers would share the love of Jesus with their audiences".

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Letters for March 20

Senior center in Bryan meets the needs of older residents

In the late 1970s, the Brazos County Senior Citizens Association was chartered as a nonprofit corporation and the current senior center building in Bryan was completed in 1981.

Being a nonprofit, Brazos County Senior Citizens Association depends on the generosity of others for financial and volunteer help. The association asks for a yearly supply fee of $25 to help with expenses. For those who cannot pay, members step forward and pay.

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Wednesday 03/18/2015
Letters for March 18

Who would send a child to a fully armed A&M campus?

I'm dismayed at efforts to allow guns to be carried on the Texas A&M University campus. Who would want to teach where any dissatisfied or emotionally-disturbed student legally can walk into the teacher's class or office, carrying a gun, to discuss his grade?

I would not want my son or daughter to attend a class where any hothead can walk in armed.

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Monday 03/16/2015
Letters for March 16

What we need, with tongue firmly planted in cheek

What the U.S. lacks is more wars. Dick Cheney and the second Bush did good, and if a Republican such as John McCain had been elected president, we'd be bombing Iran back to the iron age right now.

We'd be saving Ukraine from the ex-commie, crime ridden, sex- maniac Russians.

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Friday 03/13/2015
Letter for March 13

Will College Station bite off more than it can chew?

The city of College Station proposes to annex 233 acres bounded by Royder Road, Greens Prairie Trail and Wellborn Road at the request of a housing developer. Future city plans for this area include two four-lane major and minor arterial roads, a traffic light, railroad crossing, two more schools in addition to Greens Prairie Elementary School and a fire station.

The city, however, continues to classify the existing area homes as "rural," which means that the city does not have to provide city waste water (sewer) services. The homes are on Wellborn Water and will not receive fire hydrants.

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Wednesday 03/11/2015
Letters for March 12

No matter how vile it may be, all speech should be free

Every newspaper I have come across this week has the story of the Oklahoma University fraternity, some of whose members engaged in a chant of racial slurs. Their conduct was ill-advised and reprehensible.

Still, the reporting of the story could have stood some illumination rather than simply excoriating condemnation. CNN was especially noticeable in its superficiality. Alarmism isn't necessarily reporting. The video around which CNN built its "reporting" showed a bus. Being on a bus leaves one with the idea that possibly the bus was not on university property. That raises the question: At what geographical distance does a university have powers over its students?

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