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Letters for February 22 - The Eagle: Opinion

Letters for February 22

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Posted: Tuesday, February 22, 2011 12:00 am

Never more disappointed in the state of Texas

I have never been more disappointed in and disillusioned with my native state of Texas, a state that has now dropped below Mississippi in most measurable indicators of the quality of life. In the current budget crisis, state leaders propose that the poor, the old, the young, students of all ages, the disabled and the disadvantaged bear the cost of a balanced budget.

Not only does this violate the teachings of all major religions, it makes no sense. These policy choices further lower the overall quality of life, and they reduce the number and diminish the abilities of skilled workers required to build a better future based on higher productivity.

Our crisis is at least in part locally made and manufactured. Our political leaders, many still in office, restructured the tax system in ways that, while allegedly revenue-neutral, resulted in tax breaks for the wealthy and well-connected and a drain on the state budget that was masked by federal stimulus money in the last budget cycle.

The choices made by our leaders reflect the habits and culture of the society that elevated them to office and celebrates their approach to our problems.

We are a people that mouth the Sermon on the Mount and other similar religious texts, but who cravenly live the opposite. Instead of caring for the poor and meek, we emulate and further reward the rich and powerful.

Instead of demanding intelligent public policy and wise investments in the future, we are distracted by the circuses provided by our political leaders. We have lost both the sense of belonging to a common community and the ability to think rationally about our choices.



President should not encourage intimidators

I've been following the recent news coming out of Wisconsin regarding that state's attempt to balance its budget and am reminded of the embarrassing events in Texas back in 2003 where our Democratic legislators fled to Oklahoma to avoid a vote on redistricting.

Now, The Washington Post reports, "The president's political machine worked in close coordination Thursday with state and national union officials to get thousands of protesters to gather in Madison and to plan similar demonstrations in other state capitals."

For the president of the United to States to help organize and mobilize out-of-state intimidators to descend upon the elected officials of Wisconsin is beyond the pale.

The lesson here is when Democrats don't get their way and are beaten fair and square, they turn tail and run away and then come back with questionable, low-rent tactics, regardless of the wishes of the voting majority.



Why would anyone favor man's world over God?

Bob Presley (Eagle, Feb. 7) demonstrates his "pooling of unbelief" with John Gillar (Eagle, Jan. 28) in Gillar's diatribe mocking the teachings of the Bible. Presley suggests "scientific explanations (of creation) can be just as beautiful, meaningful, comforting and inspiring as the old myths (Creator God) and does not lead to the conflicts between people that have caused so much violence in the past."

And, Presley urges you to "give them a chance."

Presley's obvious undertow against "creation myths" as having led to controlling religious hierarchies grossly misrepresents Christian teaching and contributions. Has he considered how many hospitals, universities, orphanages, missions, and relief funds have been established by Christians? How many of these institutions have been established by evolutionist, non-theists?

One must wonder why those who reject a Creator God and life hereafter would recommend to others such a man-centered worldview.



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