Letters to the Editor

Listen to both sides in order to stop stupid name-calling

I have been listening exclusively to the liberal mainstream media: CNN, MSNBC, PBS, etc. That is what I, as an educated person, felt I was supposed to do.

Last night, on a whim, I turned on Fox News and watched Sean Hannity. He and his guests offered a very different view of events from that which I had been hearing.

I have little confidence that either side holds the truth as its standard. Surely, the truth lies somewhere in between.

My suggestion is a simple one. Listen to both sides, as much as that goes against your visceral instincts. I will offend virtually everyone whom I know by reaching this judgment.

If we cannot stop this stupid name-calling to which we seem to have been reduced, we never are going to get anywhere as a nation. And, if we cannot get anywhere as a nation, there is little hope for the larger world in which we play an inordinately large and predominate role.


College Station

Even young men here illegally must register for the draft

Media coverage of the so-called Dreamers omits an element that all American families should consider. The current Selective Service Act requires that all males residing in the USA, whether legally or illegally, must register within 30 days after turning 18. Failure to register is a criminal offense that has significant penalties. The act specifies that non-citizen males who fail to register are permanently prohibited from earning U.S. citizenship.

While purging the accumulation of a lifetime, I discovered my Selective Service cards and noticed the warning "must be in personal possession at all times." That reminded me of a family story my father told me. His father was living with wife and child in a rural area near Medina, when the Selective Service Act of 1917 was enacted. Grandfather registered as required, but he left his wallet at home for safekeeping when he took carpenter tools on the "mail hack" into San Antonio seeking work. Authorities were meeting buses as they arrived in San Antonio and requiring all men to produce their Selective Service cards to prove they had registered as required. Because my grandfather had left his wallet with his card at home, he was taken directly to jail with no hearing. Grandfather remained in jail until a family member brought his wallet and card to gain his release.

Every family that includes males ages 18 to 35 who have registered and carry their Selective Service classification cards should not forget that any Dreamer older than 18 residing in the U.S. but who has not registered with Selective Service is a criminal.

Please join me in honoring my grandfather by reminding our congressional representatives that Dreamers who have not registered as required are criminals who should be deported rather than granted amnesty.