A&M softball vs Alabama

Junior first baseman Tori Vidales heads a large group of returning players for the Texas A&M softball team for the 2017 season. The Aggies opened spring practice Monday and will open the season Feb. 10 against Lamar.

Need a delicious recipe for apple pie? YouTube has an answer.

How about the best method to tie a double Windsor Knot in a neck tie? There are plenty of offerings on the world-wide video database.

Interested in the pros and cons about the life of a Division I college softball student-athlete?

Not so much, but one person is trying to change that.

Armed with a small Canon camera, Texas A&M softball first baseman Tori Vidales hopes to fill that void with a new video blog channel named “Vlogging with Vidales.”

The hobby combines Vidales’ major, Ag Communications and Journalism, with her hectic life as a student-athlete to create a how-to guide for high school softball players and their parents.

“I hope the response is that it helps people,” Vidales said. “The transition from high school to college is difficult. If there was something like this for me out there, I would have been able to watch it and understand what a college athlete goes through every day.”

So far, the channel has one, eight-minute video that enlists the words of teammates Sarah Hudek and Ashley Walters, as well as head coach Jo Evans. As of Thursday afternoon, the first installment had been viewed 638 times.

“I’m excited for Tori to do her Vlog,” Evans said. “She’s really talked about it a lot and has been excited. She asked plenty of people if this would be something people would be interested in, incoming students and such. She’s doing a great job with it.”

A former select coach gave Vidales the idea after the All-American spoke at a recent coaching convention. The junior wondered if there would be an audience for her information and the coach motioned to the chairs filled with people interested in hearing her story that day, she said.

Vidales said she hopes she can also incorporate her work with 12th Man Productions, her social life and her studies into the content of the Vlog.

While she’s asked for some creative ideas from her professors, the endeavor is a "leisurely activity" that is completely separate from her school work.

“You’ll get to see me interact with my teammates and other athletes and then normal people who are just students,” she said. “I think it’s a cool concept and I hope people really enjoy it because I’m having a great time filming it.”

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