Texas A&M is ranked 24th for the second straight week by the coaches and unranked by the Associated Press.

The Aggies (5-2) will have chances to move up in the standings in the next two weeks, taking on Mississippi State (5-2) and Auburn (6-2).

They are among 14 two-loss Power 5 Conference teams. Mississippi State is 28th in both polls and Auburn is 19th in both polls.

The other two-loss Power 5 Conference teams are Southern Cal (6-2), Arizona (5-2), Georgia Tech (4-2), Iowa State (5-2), Kentucky (5-2), LSU (6-2), Michigan (5-2), South Carolina (5-2), Stanford (5-2), West Virginia (5-2) and Virginia (5-2).


Here’s how retired Texas A&M coach R.C. Slocum voted in this week’s Football Writers Association of American and National Football Foundation’s Top 16 poll.

1, Alabama

2, Penn State

3, Georgia

4, Ohio State

5, TCU

6, Wisconsin

7 ,Clemson

8, Oklahoma

9, Michigan State

10, Washington

11, Oklahoma State

12, Washington State

13, Miami

14, LSU

15, Notre Dame

16, N.C. State


1, Alabama

2, Penn State

3, Georgia

4, TCU

5, Wisconsin

6, Miami

7, Clemson

8, Ohio State                                        

9, Oklahoma

10, Oklahoma State

11, Virginia Tech

12. Notre Dame

13, N.C. State

14, Michigan State

15, Washington State

16, Washington

17, South Florida

18, Central Florida

19, Stanford

20, LSU

21, Memphis

22,  Auburn

23, Iowa State

24, Southern Cal

25, West Virginia

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