Thirteen voters have A&M ranked from 15th to 20th, but I’m among 36 who didn’t vote for the Aggies.

I don’t think respectable scores against two good teams equals a Top 25 resume. A&M has victories over a pair of FBS teams that ranks 104th (Arkansas) and 111th (Texas State) among 130 teams. A&M's other easy victory was over FCS member Lamar. I think any voter who watched all 60 minutes against Auburn and Arkansas would have a tough time voting for A&M.

It’ll be a moot point in two weeks. If A&M beats Alabama, the Aggies could be a Top 15 team. If A&M loses, it drops from the poll.

I find it interesting that A&M had been ranked for all five of its games, which is one more than last year's team during the regular season. There’s no doubt last year’s team was much better than this year’s team by proving it on the field.

This year’s team has been ranked on what last year’s team accomplished. Now the challenge for this year’s team is proving itself worthy of being ranked.


1 Clemson

2 Alabama

3 Oklahoma

4 Georgia          

5 Ohio State

6. LSU

7. Auburn

8. Wisconsin

9. Notre Dame

10. Florida

11. Texas

12. Oregon

13. Penn State

14. Boise State

15. Washington

16. Iowa

17. Utah

18. UCF

19. Memphis

20. Michigan

21 Michigan State

22. Virginia

23. Arizona State

24.  SMU

25. Oklahoma State


26. Wake Forest

27. Minnesota

28. California

29, Texas A&M

30. Southern Cal

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