The best line at Thursday’s press conferences from Texas A&M’s Reed Arena didn’t even come any of the coaches, and they had some dandies.

DePaul women’s basketball coach Doug Bruno more than held his own, but it was a woman in his school’s traveling party that had heads turning in the press room.

“Can we borrow your confidential shredder?” she asked.

Remember, it’s an NCAA event, so a run-of-the-mill shredder just wouldn’t cut. What kind of game plan did DePaul have? Hey, you expect folks from Chicago to be tough and careful, but needing a confidential shredder?

Texas A&M either  didn’t have one or someone in the department was using it.

I joked that a couple of the A&M workers had scissors, but a few minutes later, the woman who had the request and a young man were tearing stacks of paper from two decent-sized boxes.

My only guess it was copies of former President Barack Obama’s NCAA bracket. They were upset he didn’t pick Loyola of Chicago over Miami and DePaul didn’t want him to look bad. Then again, Bruno and A&M head coach Gary Blair are good buddies, so all that paper would look good on Blair’s lawn as a prank.

Yeah, those are bad jokes, but it does make you wonder what they were shredding.

Oh, well, if you see Bruno at the Republic Steakhouse this weekend, you might ask him. Bruno ate there Wednesday and that was before Blair recommended it.

 “Now he’s talking about Napa [Flats],” Bruno said. “He's talking about some flatbread pizza or something. But we have great pizza in Chicago, so I think we're going to stick with Republic. They're also having a Bourbon Final Four. I've never heard of a Bourbon Final Four, but they've blind‑tested their patrons for the last four or five weeks or something as to which bourbon they like, and now they're down to the final four. But I don't drink bourbon, so it doesn't matter. But it's pretty interesting to go to the Republic Steakhouse.

“I did try his filet, chicken‑fried steak. He recommended that, so we did have chicken‑fried filet, never had that before. I've had chicken‑fried steak, but not chicken‑fried filet.”

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