Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher, left, speaks with Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney before an NCAA college football game against Clemson, Saturday, Nov. 11, 2017, in Clemson, S.C. (AP Photo/Rainier Ehrhardt)

There’s a lot of reasons why Florida State’s Jimbo Fisher will be Texas A&M’s next football coach, about 7-8 million of them per year, but just as big a reason as the money A&M has to offer is Fisher has worn out his welcome in the Sunshine state.

Tallahassee Democrat columnist Corey Clark wrote about why some Florida State fans aren’t that concerned if Fisher would leave. I’ve also received emails from Aggies living in Florida who do not want Fisher, mentioning some of the things Clark writes about, but adding others. Some of their points….. He’s no longer the best coach in the ACC. He’s certainly been passed by Clemson’s Dabo Swinney. Fisher won a national title with a great quarterback, Jameis Winston, getting lucky. One emailer said that’s no different than Mack Brown at Texas when he had Vince Young, also citing Kevin Sumlin won with Johnny Manziel, then had three straight 8-5 seasons. 

One emailer was baffled that A&M was talking to a coach with a 3-6 record. And as Clark points out, Fisher is 15-12 in his last 27 games against FBS opponents. Guess what? Sumlin also is 15-12 in his last 27 games against FBS opponents. So Aggies can understand why Fisher has worn out his welcome. They expected  more after Fisher’s 14-0 season, not less. You can bet no Florida State donor thought the Seminoles would be 3-6 three seasons after winning it all. That’s how quickly it can change, for the good or bad. It sounds to me as if Fisher is in a no-win situation. I really have seen compelling arguments that he should stay in a state where he's getting little sunshine these days.

While there will be Aggies who don’t want Fisher, there’s no doubt he would be a home-run hire. I’ve had this argument, but I think Fisher or Swinney would be the program’s first home-run hire since Jackie Sherrill who then had home-run results. No national title, but multiple conference championships.

And that’s the bottom line. A&M’s next coach has to win a conference championship. Fisher has done that and more.  

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I beg the powers that be, do not hire Jimbo; go get a young upcoming winner; not another mediocre loser. Jimbo is too much like what we have and is overpaid


I'd like to see Jeremy Pruitt or Brent Venables! Just don't have confidence in Fisher!


I agree. We shouldn't hire Jimbo. If we want a proven coach why not go after Les Miles? Or what about Bob Stools? He wants to coach in the SEC. How about Aggie Gary Kubiak? Even Chad Morris at SMU. Anybody but Jimbo or Butch Jones

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