There’s 11 one-loss teams ranked in this week’s AP Top 25. Trying to figure out which is better than the other is like judging a beauty contest, you can make a case for any of them.

Only Ohio State and Auburn were good enough to make the Top 10. Ohio State was the lone one-loss team in my Top 10. I had unbeaten Miami in my Top 10, rewarding them for winning at Florida State.

I see some of my peers even voted for Iowa State after beating Oklahoma, but I couldn’t do that because I’ve had doubts about OU. ISU, though, is on my radar. I did reward Michigan State for its victory over Michigan, going back-and-forth, before putting the Spartans at No. 20. I slid them right above Notre Dame, which irked a few Fighting Irish fans since Notre Dame beat Michigan State a few weeks back. But like I said, it’s a beauty contest and Miami, Michigan State, N.C. State and Navy caught my eye this week.

I've been including the weekly ballot of former Texas A&M football coach R.C. Slocum who votes for the Football Writers Association of America and National Football Foundation’s Top 16 poll.

R.C. has Notre Dame 16th, his last spot. I thought I'd point that out for the benefit of the Fighting Irish fans. 


Here’s how retired Texas A&M coach R.C. Slocum voted in this week’s Football Writers Association of America and National Football Foundation’s Top 16 poll.

1, Alabama

2 ,Clemson

3, Penn State

4, Georgia

5, Washington

6, Ohio State

7, Auburn

8, Wisconsin

9, TCU

10, Oklahoma

11, Michigan

12, Oklahoma State

13, Washington State

14, Southern Cal

15, San Diego State

16, Notre Dame


1, Alabama

2, Clemson

3, Penn State

4, Washington

5, Georgia

6, TCU

7, Ohio State                                        

8, Washington State

9, Wisconsin

10, Miami

11, Auburn

12, Oklahoma State

13, Oklahoma

14, Michigan

15, USC

16, Virginia Tech

17, N.C. State

18, San Diego State

19, South Florida

20, Michigan State

21, Notre Dame

22, Central Florida

23, Navy

24, Stanford

25, West Virginia

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