Many Aggie fans were scratching their heads when ESPN’s Joe Lunardi had the Texas A&M men’s basketball team projected as a No. 6 seed for the NCAA Tournament after back-to-back losses last week at Missouri and Arkansas. Yeah, A&M still had a great RPI and it had played a tough schedule with some solid victories, but what did Lunardi know that maybe the rest of us didn’t?

Well, maybe, even the great Lunardi can have a hiccup or two. A&M is a No. 9 seed in Lunardi’s latest Bracketology – a falling No. 9 seed at that.

By the way, that’s where CBS’ Jerry Palm had Lunardi before Tuesday night’s home loss to Mississippi State. I guess Lunardi could argue that a 93-81 loss to a team that had been 1-7 on the road is bad enough to drop a team three seeds. The problem is how does A&M move back up? The Aggies have only one more quality opponent left in the regular season, Alabama. It’s going to be hard for this A&M team to turn things around and beat Vanderbilt and Georgia on the road.

Let’s say A&M manages to win these last three games and go 1-1 at the SEC tournament. That would leave A&M 6-4 in its last 10 games. A loss to Vandy or Georgia would leave A&M at 5-5 in the last 10 and hurting. Georgia’s RPI is 70 and Vandy’s 111.

Lunardi has eight SEC teams in. A&M and Arkansas are the lowest seeds, both 9s. Alabama is a No. 8.

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