Texas A&M’s odds at winning the national title, according to, have been on hold at 300/1 since losing the opener to UCLA. If the Aggies lose to Alabama this week, they’ll probably be off the board.

Alabama at 7/5 has the best odds.

Alabama opened as a 21-point favorite over A&M and it has gone up to 26, so the odds of the Aggies remaining in the national title chase are slim.

The Aggies will play three more teams still left on the big betting board when it comes to the national title – Auburn is at 50/1 odds, Florida 200/1 and LSU 300/1. I'm shocked twice-beaten LSU is still listed. Alabama isn’t going to lose two games, which is one of the reasons A&M comes off the board if it loses to Alabama.

Alabama quarterback Jalen Hurts needs a big game to get in the talk for the Heisman Trophy. His odds have dipped to 40/1. That’s still best for anyone from the Southeastern Conference. The only other SEC player listed is Georgia running back Nick Chubb at 75/1.

Odds to Win the 2018 CFP National Championship 

9/25/17             Current Odds (10/2/17)

Alabama                       19/10                7/5

Clemson                       9/2                    15/4

Ohio State                    7/1                    9/1

Oklahoma                     8/1                    12/1

Penn State                    10/1                  12/1

Michigan                       12/1                  14/1

USC                             15/2                  14/1

Georgia                        14/1                  16/1

Washington                   16/1                  18/1

Oklahoma State            20/1                  25/1

Wisconsin                     22/1                  25/1

Miami Florida                30/1                  40/1

TCU                              33/1                  40/1

Auburn                          66/1                  50/1

Notre Dame                  66/1                  66/1

Washington State          75/1                  66/1

Florida State                 66/1                  100/1

Louisville                      100/1                100/1

San Diego State            Off the Board    100/1

Utah                             Off the Board    100/1

Florida                          200/1                200/1

South Florida                Off the Board    200/1

Texas                           300/1                200/1   

Virginia Tech                 33/1                  200/1

Kansas State                300/1                300/1   

LSU                              50/1                  300/1

NC State                       Off the Board    300/1

Stanford                       300/1                300/1

Texas A&M                   300/1                300/1

West Virginia                 300/1                300/1

Mississippi State           100/1                Off the Board

Oregon                         100/1                Off the Board

Odds to Win the 2017 Heisman Trophy 

9/25/17             Current Odds (10/2/17)

Saquon Barkley (RB Penn State)                        7/4                    5/4

Baker Mayfield (QB Oklahoma)                          2/1                    9/4

Mason Rudolph (QB Oklahoma State)                7/1                    9/1

Lamar Jackson (QB Louisville)                           7/1                    10/1

Sam Darnold (QB USC)                                     7/1                    14/1

Bryce Love (RB Stanford)                                  33/1                  14/1

Luke Falk (QB Washington State)                       33/1                  22/1

JT Barrett (QB Ohio State)                                 33/1                  33/1

Jalen Hurts (QB Alabama)                                  33/1                  40/1

Jake Browning (QB Washington)                        Off the Board    40/1                 

J.K. Dobbins (RB Ohio State)                            Off the Board    50/1

Royce Freeman (RB Oregon)                             25/1                  50/1

Quinton Flowers (QB South Florida)                   Off the Board    66/1

Rashad Penny (RB San Diego State)                  Off the Board    66/1

Josh Rosen (QB UCLA)                                     33/1                  66/1

Mark Walton (RB Miami)                                    Off the Board    66/1

Nick Chubb (RB Georgia)                                   Off the Board    75/1

Trace McSorley (QB Penn State)                        50/1                  75/1

Nick Fitzgerald (QB Mississippi State)                66/1                  Off the Board

Justin Hebert (QB Oregon)                                 25/1                  Off the Board


Here’s how retired Texas A&M coach R.C. Slocum voted in this week’s Football Writers Association of American and National Football Foundation’s Top 16 poll.

1, Alabama

2 ,Clemson

3, Oklahoma

4, Penn State

5, Washington

6, Michigan

7, Wisconsin

8, Ohio State

9, Georgia

10, Auburn

11, Oklahoma State

12, Louisville

13, Southern Cal

14, San Diego State

15, Washington State

16, Florida

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