I've gotten a few emails and had several conversations about a statue for Johnny Manziel at Kyle Field and when to retire his jersey.

Aggie Mike was concerned to read that a recruit, wide receiver Speedy Noil, might wear No. 2.

No, No, NO,” says Mike. “His number should be held back to be permanently retired at the proper time.  There will never be another #2 like Johnny Manziel.

 “Same with John David's #44 wasn't it?  I assume it has been retired also.  Those two players from different eras, put Texas A&M on the national football map.”

A&M retired Crow's No. 44 jersey at halftime of the Alabama game last year. It was long, long over due. He won the Heisman in 1957. His statue was unveiled in front of the Bright Complex in 2010. He waited 53 years. It's been less than a month since Manziel played his last game.

Crow should have had his number retired and statue erected when all of his former teammates could see from the stands without squinting.

It's all about timing.

It sure would be nice if SOMEONE ( like you maybe?) would start up a movement to have a life-sized statue of Johnny "Football"  erected at the new Kyle Field !” Aggie O. says. “He deserves it every bit as much as John David did, especially when you consider that John David only produced 700 yards of offense the year he won the Heisman Trophy! In 1950, when I was in school, our fullback, Robert Smith, ran for 1,300 yards, and all he got was an All-American label! Johnny Football's feats have garnered millions in benefits to the school, and he deserves to be commemorated at the new stadium! (and they should retire his jersey as well). What is your opinion ? Do you agree?”

The Eagle's Allen Reed did a nice story last week on this that you need read if you haven't. http://www.aggiesports.com/news/local/article_f8de9ddc-643e-50a4-8a50-48e4dddb9b35.html

Fellow Eagle sports writer Aubrey Bloom is betting they retire Manziel's number at halftime of the Alabama game in 2015. I could see that.

I agree with former A&M coach Jackie Sherrill. The standard has been set. Crow has a statue and had his jersey retired. Manziel also won a Heisman, so he gets a statue and his jersey retired.

I don't see the harm in waiting say a year or two for the jersey and maybe even longer for the statue. A&M needs to honor Manziel, but the program also has to move forward. Manziel also has the NFL to worry about. What he accomplished isn't going to change, it's only going to be more impressive with each passing day.

The bottom line is Manziel is going to have his jersey retired and get a statue and he won't have to wait five decades. A&M and Manziel will get together and it will happen at a time convenient for both.

Robert Cessna's email address is robert.cessna@theeagle.com

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