Welcome to the first edition of the Monday Mailbag! Each week I'll take your questions from email and twitter and give you guys some hard-hitting answers. (Fair warning: not all answers are hard-hitting.)

John Henry (@JHLeifeste) - Is projected line up for Aggies baseball going to include any L/R platoon options? Any news on Sunday n Tuesday starters?

- This is a tremendous question, but one that I don't really know the answer to yet. Since I came to The Eagle midseason I was trying to catch up on football and really dive into basketball so I really haven't even started looking at baseball stuff at all yet. That will change here soon as we get closer to first pitch though. I will say that I was talking with some people this weekend that know much more about A&M baseball than I do and they're really optimistic about this year's team, especially on the hitting front.

Craig (@SansPeurTampa) - How many wins for Kennedy to keep his job?

- That's a simple question that has a complicated answer because an athletic director can't just take a simple "x wins is enough" approach. You have to look at the entire picture at the end of the year. It's hard midseason because a week ago we'd have all said this team was dead in the water and now a week later the entire season is suddenly looking different. I tend to think that as long as the Aggies end up near .500 in league play and make the NIT that he's almost definitely back next year. Now if the bottom falls out and they lose every game the rest of the season then who knows.

Dean W (@AgDeano) - Here's one. Have you karaoked "Wrecking Ball" yet?! 

- Not yet, though those of you who listen to our show on the radio know that I'm getting close to on-air karaoke. If today's "upset of the day" doesn't hit, then my beautiful voice will be hitting the airwaves. Unfortunately I think it's going to be up to the Longhorns to bail me out tonight.

rcb05 (@rcb05) - Does the departure of Sebastian LaRue open up a spot for another 2014 recruit? If so, ideas on who it might be?

- I haven't kept up with the numbers like I did when I was covering recruiting, but with all of the midterm enrollees they have A&M should have plenty of spots available. LaRue opens up another scholarship, but so do the departures of Manziel and Evans. I would think the recruiting limit of 25 is the number A&M is further up against, they should have plenty of their 82 total scholarships left.

Mr. MiyAggie (@MrMiyAggie) - Do you have any "sources" yet?

- Please, my sources have sources. At least, that's what my sources tell me. 

David Harris (@DavidHarrisBCS) - How does this team stack up, talent wise, to any of Turgeon's teams?

- This is another question that sounds easy, but it's a little more complicated because of the nature of basketball. Overall, this team's talent level is probably on par with the later Turgeon teams. (You could make a decent case that Turgeon's first team was the most talented in A&M history.) This team is also pretty deep compared to the Turgeon teams.

Alex Caruso is probably one of the better guards to come through in the last few years, and if Jamal Jones keeps improving I think he could be on par with a Josh Carter type player. 

The problem is that this team has a bunch of pretty good players, but no real star. Turgeon's teams got away with not being overly talented because they had Donald Sloan for a few years and then Khris Middleton. Imagine if Elston Turner was still on this year's team. We might be talking about a pretty legit team if they had a consistent three-point threat.

The other issue is that this team doesn't have a true point guard, and that hurts some of the other players. It would be like if the A&M football team had to start a running back at quarterback. It doesn't matter how good the receivers are if the person distributing the ball isn't very good. Caruso has done a tremendous job of trying to make himself into a point guard, he currently leads the SEC in assists, but he's still not an ideal point. 

I say all of that to say that this team is probably at least as good overall as the last couple of Turgeon teams, but it's missing some key parts that make it hard to really tell. How good could Caruso be if he wasn't handling the ball all the time? Would the team shoot better if they had someone who could draw defenders off the dribble? It's hard to know. 

- Good stuff everyone, thanks for sending in questions! Hopefully as this picks up we'll get more each week. 

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