Texas A&M’s soccer team hosts the Houston Dash at 8 p.m. tonight (April 2) in friendly that should rival the best of the Aggies’ regularly scheduled matches.

The Dash are the newest organization in the NWSL, a women’s professional soccer league that is a part of the Houston Dynamo ownership group.

It was a while back now, but the Aggies played Brazil’s world cup team in a friendly at about this time of the year. The Brazilian crowd helped make it a festive atmosphere and the team displayed some world class soccer. It was one of the more memorable moments in Aggie soccer.

I’m not promising the exact same thing Wednesday because the Dash, being new, don’t have the following of the Brazilian national team, but it should make for some really good soccer with a talented, experienced Aggie team going up against a team that is essentially made up of All-Americans and world-class players.

The Dash have three members that have played for the U.S. national  team, two for Mexico, two for Canada, and one each for Brazil and Japan. Houston also has three North Carolina graduates that have won NCAA championships, former Penn State keeper Erin McLeod, who played in the first NCAA championship at College Station and who has 94 caps for Canada and Rafaelle Souza of Brazil, who played at Ole Miss last season.

Bring the kids, make it a family affair. It will be one of the cheapest enjoyable nights out since the price is right, free.

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