It’s definitely too early to put any concrete spin on the Aggie men’s basketball team after one scrimmage, but A&M fans had to like what they saw Friday night in the Maroon & White game, if for no other reason the ball was going in the basket.

A&M was a combined 38 of 76 from the floor and 8 of 18 from behind the arc in its 24-minute scrimmage which was played in front of an appreciative crowd after the A&M volleyball team beat Georgia in a five-set match.

Granted it’s a little easier to let fly in a scrimmage when there are no worries about the consequences or scars from previous battles, but A&M players took the shot when it was there and for the most part fired away in rhythm.

Perhaps most gratifying was watching 6-foot-10 Tonny Trocha-Morelos sink two 3-pointers. Avery Johnson Jr. also was true with both his 3-point shots and Alex Robinson and Peyton Allen made their only shots from long range. All four are freshmen.

Jamal Jones’ 3-point shooting may not be missed as much after all.

Other than the shooting, 6-7 sophomore Tavario Miller looked confident in what he was doing, senior post Kourtney Roberson had a couple of aggressive moves in the lane and junior Alex Caruso picked up right where he left off, amazing everyone with his vision on the court in posting seven assists.

The two transfers showed off with Jalen Jones (SMU) getting on the end of a couple of Caruso passes and Danuel House (Houston) showing his scoring ability by going 4 for 5 from the field, including a 3-pointer.

Jones should fill in nicely for his namesake, who departed a year early from A&M.

House’s exhibition may have been just a tease for what the Aggies will get next season. He has yet to be granted eligibility for this season.

It was good to see Davonte Fitzgerald on the court after his knee surgery last February. He was wearing a fairly bulky knee brace and was one of two players -- Antwan Space the other -- who took a shot and did not score.

In fact, take away Fitzgerald and Space and the rest of the Aggies shot 56 percent from the field and 62 percent from behind the arc, which again speaks to how well the Aggies were hitting shots.

Robinson looked comfortable leading the team, although he made some freshman mistakes and Trocha-Morelos showed off more than long-range shooting. Neither though should have to shoulder the burden of transforming A&M, 18-16 last season.

Collectively they should help A&M improve along with the chip on the shoulder of all the other players and coaches who were recently picked 9th out of 14 in the SEC.

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