TRINITY -- Adria Arnaus was part of a magic show Sunday night, on Monday he performed his own magic.

Playing in the first round of The Spirit International, Arnaus holed out from 97 yards with 56-degree wedge on the par-4 sixth at Whispering Pines Golf Club.

“It just feels very good because you expect to hit a good one and then you see it go in and it’s crazy,” said Arnaus, who has never holed out from the fairway in his three-plus years at Texas A&M.

What made it even more magical is The Golf Channel, which only has a couple of cameras out on the course, caught the entire moment.

“I heard they got everything,” Arnaus said. “They got the reaction, they got it going in and I’m so excited to see it. It will be pretty cool, you jumping and me fist pumping.”

There was plenty of fist pumping and hand slapping for Arnaus and his Spanish teammate Victor Pastor.

Arnaus and Pastor combined to shoot 6-under par (best ball) and are in third place, three strokes behind Norway in the event that brings some of the world’s best amateurs together every two years from 20 countries.

Pastor led amateur separate individual competition, total birdies, with six in the first day of the three-round event. Two of the birdies came when Arnaus was out of the hole, including the par-5 before Arnaus’ eagle.

“The thing is after being at A&M for four years I understand that it’s all about the team, so I didn’t really care about the hole before,” said Arnaus, who had three birdies along with his eagle. “I just tried to keep my composure and tried to get a birdie on the next one and it turned out even better.”

The golf is just a portion of the event, with Whispering Pines putting on dances, magic shows and games for the golfers in the evening.

Arnaus was called to the stage to assist in one trick of the magic show.

Arnaus was asked to calculate a number through two random numbers and someone’s shoe size. At the end of the show that number was the date (10-11-15) and the time of the day (8:42).

“It was the number and everyone looked at their phones and it was 8:42, and we had done that calculation 20 minutes ago,” Arnaus said. “He got one guy’s one-dollar bill and burned it with fire and at the end of the show it was inside a lemon.”

A&M women’s golf team member Maddie Szeryk is also at the event, representing Canada, where her parents were born and her family still lives.

The Canadian’s didn’t fare very well (17th out of 20), but Szeryk had three birdies, all on the back nine.

“I started off a little rough, hitting them about 20 feet, just not making them,” Szeryk said. “But then near the end started rolling them in which is good for tomorrow, good momentum.”

Szeryk has enjoyed the team format and meeting the opposing team. She also videoed Arnaus’ cameo with the magician Ben Jackson.

“In our cabin there are about 10 girls and I’ve met people from Argentina and Columbia and we’ve become friends with them,” Szeryk said. “We have an Australian in our room and the France girls I knew, one who plays for Stanford. It’s awesome to meet these people and see them outside the golf environment, playing games and all the other stuff. It’s a lot of fun stuff.”

Arnaus described it best when he said it’s almost like they force you to make new relationships and new friends which is really cool because after playing and practicing you get more activities – basketball, table tennis, foosball and volleyball.

“It’s non-stop,” Arnaus said. “Unfortunately, I have homework and I have to get it done so I go to bed every night at 12.”

Midnight, the bewitching hour, maybe that explains holing out shots from 97 yards

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