Jace Statum was the only Aggie to strike out on Sunday. I say that because the Aggies’ approach at the plate should be applauded. I also “pick” on Statum just to point out it’s ironic it was he who struck out and yet his on-base percentage is above .500. As the No. 9 hitter he truly is turning the order over.

But back to the original point which is A&M is getting the bat on the ball.

The Aggies have struck out just 22 times in 270 plate appearances (at-bats + walks + HBP + SF + SH) A&M’s opponents have struck out 62 times in 256 plate appearances.

During that time A&M has 39 free passes, so a ratio of almost 2-1 on getting on base without a hit to not hitting the ball at all.

Statum leads the team in both categories, seven free passes (walks, HBP) and strikeouts with five.

One of the more impressive stats concerning strikeouts is A&M third baseman Logan Nottebrok has three home runs and has struck out only four times. Those kind of numbers, although admittedly early and at a different level, were always brought up with Albert Pujols in his heyday.

Last year Central Arkansas led the NCAA with 5.7 walks a game. A&M is averaging 4.2 a game. At that rate the Aggies would have been in the Top 10.

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