A question was posed to Texas A&M volleyball coach Laurie Corbelli  about what the Aggies will have to do to beat No. 1 Texas in the second round of the NCAA Championship.

It wasn't the question as much as the tone, as in do you really think you can defeat the national defending champions and the No. 1 seed in their gym.

It was almost as if he queried, do you really think you have a chance.

Corbelli didn't bite, pointing out all the good qualities her team possesses  and how much they've improved over the last five or six weeks.

The task at hand will be monumental though, with the athletes the Longhorns have, including the player of the year in Haley Eckerman and a handful of returnees from last season's national championship team. The Longhorns have three players 6-foot-3 at least that can fly. A&M has one player taller than 6-2 and she is a freshman that only sees action in certain rotations

However, after beating UTSA, A&M's coaches watched as the Longhorns struggled at times, and not just for a few points, against Texas State. It had to be encouraging and the message had to be relayed to the players.

Will the Aggies win? I wouldn't bet on it, even if you gave me odds. Can they win? Certainly. Texas won on the same night a year ago, but A&M was able to get a set. This team is more athletic than last year's and they are no longer a young inexperienced group now that they are 30 matches into the season.

It should be fun. I said last year that being on the floor for the A&M-UT volleyball match was a highlight for me in covering events last season. The gym is perfect for volleyball and it should be packed despite the weather.

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