Myles Garrett, who had 4.5 sacks against UTSA, announced Monday that he'll play in the Texas Bowl. (Sam Craft photo)

HOUSTON -- Texas A&M wasn’t an easy sell to defensive end Myles Garrett, Aggie head coach Kevin Sumlin said.

Sumlin said he and his coaching staff worked hard to pull Garrett, the five-star standout from Arlington High, away from his initial top pick – Ohio State.

“He wanted to go somewhere else early, but we had to convince him that A&M was the best place for him and mom and dad helped during that time,” Sumlin said.

Garrett said he initially liked Ohio State because of its Earth sciences degree, which offered a focus in paleontology. Garrett’s love for dinosaurs started as a youth watching the movie Jurassic Park on loop.

Luckily for Sumlin his top recruiter in the chase for Garrett was not on his staff.

Garrett’s sister, Brea, a track and field student-athlete at Texas A&M during her brother’s recruitment, often fed information on the blue-chip recruit to Sumlin, the head coach said.

On the flip side, Brea gave her brother the real look at Texas A&M through the eyes of a student-athlete sans the flowery sales pitch from the program’s coaches. That inside glance sold the future unanimous All-American.

“I guess how much my sister was trying to get me here,” he said. “She was telling me all the ups and downs and everything they couldn’t tell me about the actual college life. She was giving to me in a better way – a more down-to-earth, student way.”

Ohio’s frigid winter climate also deterred Garrett from the Buckeyes, which is a sentiment he carries to this day as his future in the NFL looms closer.

Should he leave Texas A&M early for the 2016 NFL Draft - a decision he said he will announce some time after the bowl game - he hopes to land in a destination with more mild-to-warm temperatures.

“I’d like not to go anywhere cold,” Garrett said. “Whoever picks me up, I’m going to try to play my best for and be the best player on the field at any given time. It doesn’t matter who picks me up, I’m going to try to be a franchise player for them.

Garrett might want to use some of that prime-pick draft bonus on warm coats. Currently, Cleveland and San Francisco are in the running for the top pick in the draft. 

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