John Sharp

John Sharp

Texas A&M Chancellor John Sharp told Texas Monthly he'd be in favor of renewing the annual Aggie and Longhorn gridiron bout as a part of a lengthy article on Sharp's impact while at the helm of the university.

"I'd like to put the UT-A&M game back together," Sharp told Texas Monthly. "I know the governor [Greg Abbott] wants to put it back together. UT wants to put it back together."

The two schools have not shared a football field since 2011, A&M's last year in the Big 12 before departing for the SEC. Texas took the contest, 27-25, on a last-minute, 40-yard field goal by Justin Tucker. The Longhorns have a significant hold on the all-time series with a 76-37-5 record, although the Aggies split the final six contests.  

Last week at Big 12 Media Days in Frisco, new Texas head coach Tom Herman said he'd like the Longhorns to face the Aggies for a yearly nonconference game, not unlike instate rivals Florida and Florida State, as well as Georgia and Georgia Tech. 

Over the next 10 years, the Longhorns have scheduled nonconference matchups with Maryland, LSU, Ohio State, Southern California, Arkansas, Rice, Central Florida and Southern Florida, but have openings in eight of those years, including 2018. The Aggies have games scheduled through 2025, with openings every year. 

Sharp said in the article that he knows older Aggies would like to see the rivalry renewed, but cited the rigors of the SEC slate as a main issue stalling the process.

"The players just get the [expletive] beat out of them in those games because of the big SEC defenses," Sharp told Texas Monthly. "They need a full week to recover -- some of them don't even practice until Tuesday or Wednesday."

However, he is aware of the financial benefits the game would revive as well, he said.

"Man, can you imagine how much money we could make off that game?" he told Texas Monthly.

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""Man, can you imagine how much money we could make off that game?" he told Texas Monthly"

And there you have it folks, the overpaid football chancellor. This guy needs to step down and soon. His priorities are mixed up and he's a joker.


Don't need the T-Sips we have much bigger future with SEC Rivals Growing. Don't help the "T-Sips and Big 12 recruit" Forget that old Ball Game. We'll meet them in a Bowl Game some day.

AgMech Cowboy

John, tu needs us. We don't need them. They were poor sports when they lost games and worse poor sports when they won. Maybe you've forgotten the "poor Aggies" chant/song. I haven't! And I don't want to give them the chance to re-sing it on a yearly basis (much less to give them the slightest advantage in recruiting should we be out scored). Play them in a bowl game, but not on the regular schedule.
Anthony '75


Sharpe needs to go home. tu needs us so they can recruit. They were the cause why we left the big 12....let them have second rate opponents! Let them have their "Longhorn Network"....and keep on sipping that tea! We don't need the money.


Play the game every year and quit making excuses not to. One of the oldest rivalries in the history of college football. You millennials don't know squat about this history. T Byrd '82


So who cares whether tu needs it or not? Let's play the game to beat them. It only matters what tu wants if we were to lose. Don't be afraid of that. I take pride in history, which includes competing against tu.

Mike in Keller

Let's distract everyone from the fact that we have a poor football team with the idea that we could play tu.

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