Former Texas A&M wide receiver Devonte “Speedy” Noil was arrested Wednesday on charges of assault, evading arrest and failure to pay bond on two previous charges.

He was released after posting $14,000 bail.

Noil was accused of striking a man, who was assisting in serving an eviction notice to Noil, in the side of the face with a closed fist on April 19, according to the probable cause statement. The two also wrestled after the initial blow, causing injuries on the victims hands, according to the report. Noil fled as officers arrived on the scene, according to the police report.

The next day, College Station police officers were called to The Lofts at Wolf Pen Creek by security guards after Noil refused to turn down loud music in the complex’s public computer lab, according to a probable cause statement. Noil responded to the guards’ request by pulling a knife out of his pocket and placing it on the desk beside him, the report stated. Once officers entered the complex, Noil fled, escaping the authorities by jumping over a 10-foot fence, the report said.

Noil had a warrant for his arrest due to a failure to make bond payments for an April 13 arrest on charges of criminal trespass and resisting arrest, search or transport.

Police were called to the Bahama Bucks on Holleman Drive by the owner, Joseph Roman, after the former A&M standout “made an offensive comment to staff members while he was trying to order a drink,” according to the probable cause statement.

According to Roman, Noil yelled at an employee after she asked him to repeat his order and threw money at her. Roman approached him, asking if he could make him the order, free of charge, he said.

Noil asked him if he was the manager and then unzipped his track jacket and began flexing his shirtless chest in the direction of Roman, the owner said. He would repeat the action several times while in the store, Roman said.

Roman called police and once officers arrived, Noil refused to identify himself to the responding officer or give identifying information, according to the police report. Noil attempted to walk away from the officer, but was blocked from leaving the conversation by the officer, who stated he was still investigating a criminal trespass incident, according to the report.

After a struggle, he was handcuffed and charged with the Class B misdemeanor of criminal trespass and the Class A misdemeanor of resisting arrest.

According to court records, Noil had not made payments toward his bond and was unreachable, so the bond company was released from the bond in July, resulting in a warrant for Noil’s arrest. The total bail for the two charges was $6,000.

Noil directed all inquires to his agent, who could not be reached.

Prior to his arrest at Bahama Bucks, Noil had been arrested twice in Bryan-College Station, once on an invalid drivers license charge in April 2016 and a possession of marijuana charge in December 2016.  After the drug possession arrest, former A&M coach Kevin Sumlin suspended Noil for the Texas Bowl game against Kansas State. Noil opted to leave A&M early and enter the 2017 NFL Draft, but went undrafted.

After short stints in the NFL and the Canadian Football League, Noil participated in training camp with the defunct San Antonio Commanders of the Alliance of American Football, but did not make the final roster. He returned to classes at A&M this past summer, according to a report by the San Antonio Express-News.

According to court records, Noil had moved  from Bryan-College Station as of June. He was helping coach children’s football camps back in his hometown of New Orleans in July, according to posts on his Instagram account.

In three seasons with A&M, Noil, caught 88 passes for 1,134 yards and 9 touchdowns.

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