Update: Here is the full story from Max and Trace Menchaca as well as David Beaty and Max's friend Sterling Storm, an A&M sophomore.

Original post: Former Texas A&M assistant coach and current Kansas head coach David Beaty is known around football circles as one of the profession's really good guys. 

At the Big 12 Media Days last month, well after breakout sessions had ended and most the other players and coaches had left, he was found holding court with reporters, talking about everything from Texas high school football to his pick of restaurants. 

The stock in his character went a little higher Friday when a Facebook post went viral telling of how Beaty "saved the life" of a young boy named Max Menchaca in Houston. A screen shot of the post was tweeted out by Max's sister, Lea Menchaca, Friday.

According to the post on the Facebook account of Trace Cochrun Menchaca, the boy's mother, her son fell through a hole in a trampoline at a trampoline park in Houston in 2013.

Beaty, who was the Texas A&M wide receivers coach at the time, dove in after Max and remained at his side to comfort the boy, who experienced grand mal seizures after the accident, according to the post. Max suffered a fractured skull after hitting his head on the concrete floor through the torn trampoline, according to a Houston Chronicle report.

"I believe he saved Max's life," the mother said in the post.

Beaty, who did not know the family prior to the accident, also went to court with the family and told the court he took care of Max because he knew the boy was someone's "family treasure," according to the post. 

In February, a Harris County jury awarded the family nearly $11.5 million in compensatory and punitive damages in a two-week trial that found the Cosmic Jump trampoline park grossly negligent, according to the Chronicle

The Menchaca family will be guests of the program at Kansas' home game against Oklahoma State on Oct. 22 this year, according to the post. Typically, the family would be in OSU orange on Saturdays, but they will don Jayhawk blue for that game in honor of Beaty, the post said.

The Kansas football communications department confirmed that the accounts described in the post were accurate. 

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