Alabama vs. Texas A&M

Texas A&M quarterback Kyler Murray (1) throws during the third quarter of the  Alabama vs. Texas A&M game on Oct. 17, 2015, at Kyle Field.

Kevin Sumlin addressed two subjects immediately at Tuesday's press conference for the South Carolina game.

First, the quarterback position is wide open and a starter will be named Friday. Starter Kyle Allen, freshman second-teamer Kyler Murray and sophomore Jake Hubanek will all get their shot, according to Sumlin.

"Monday morning, [we] met with all three quarterbacks at 9:30 and said here is where we are as a team," Sumlin said. "All three have played great, some bad. We are looking for consistency across the board and cutting down on turnovers. This week will be evaluated in practice in leadership skills, communication with players and coaching staff."

Sumlin opened said there was no dissension in the A&M locker room as had been reported the day after the 23-3 loss at Ole Miss.

"I think times like this as a team there is speculation and people wonder what is the pulse of team, and I can tell you after meeting with football team on Monday," Sumlin said. "It’s not a divided football team, by players, by positions. I would say the word is frustrated. Fans, coaches, me and if not frustrated, that would be another issue. Had open discusssions about where we are and that we need to get ship turned to where we need to go. Notice I didn’t say turned around."

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Melba Niswan ger

Does anyone understand when the BOR Jim Wilson hirded this guy that he was t sip appointed by Perry who is no longer here. Tu got the last laugh on us.

sonsof texas

Some of us have had enough already....Some even thought to soon....

Melba Niswan ger

When does A&M get enough of this loser?

Melba Niswan ger

Quit reading anything Sumlin says. He is clueless. When they report the up for grabs coaching changes, I will pay attention. Ags just be prepared for the same ol thing.

sonsof texas


I just might be speechless......



Sons.....I have faith in you.....that is a requirement for disciples.[smile]

You are a will not remain speechless long.

sonsof texas

Ever the gentleman. Everyone could learn a thing or two from you......That was the nicest way I have ever been called a long winded B@$&@%d in my life......[beam]


Same song, second verse. Maybe the coach should be asking "Why do we fall into this rut two years in a row?" If it's not the coach, the scheme, the OC, then who is it? Oh yea, I know, it's those darn QB's. O.K. so where do we go from here? One gets benched, one starts but didn't really earn it and the third one starts thinking about which school he wants to play for next year. The only difference in this years soap opera is that you may have two QB's looking for a new place to hang their hats. Wouldn't that be great coaching?

sonsof texas

Some people are masters at deflecting blame.....What scares me more then him deflecting it are those who believe this stuff.....That thought is terrifying....


AglandMom......I am repeating what you said, but it probably needs repeating.

Kevin Sumlin: "A&M quarterback position up for grabs"

We are approaching our eighth game of the season.....and we don't know who will be our starting quarterback.....and we are going to blame that on the quarterbacks?

Maybe Coach Sumlin's statement should have been, "A&M head coach and offensive coordinator positions are up for grabs."

All an opponent has to do, is stop our run game. Then due to our outstanding "offensive scheme", our line spacing and numbers will provide the quarterback with about 2.5 seconds to find a receiver.....and at 2.6 seconds, he had better be running for his own survival, or to try and find a receiver who has come back to help him. Telling the quarterback to remain in the pocket longer and get injured, is probably not good coaching.


This headline should say: A&M coaches jobs up for grabs!

david pointon

"Notice I didn’t say turned around."


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