In tune with "Fired-up Wednesday" on Aggie Nation radio, a small rant about the new on and off ramps to Texas 6 was all the rage. What good has come, during the few years of drivers having to put up with road construction, from the change of the switch of the off ramp to feeder roads coming before the road to get on to Texas 6.

My take is it’s not worth it (money wise) and in some cases makes it worse. One example is how quickly drivers must slow from 75 mph to 45 mph to get on the feeder road on some exits (Harvey going south). Another problem is length (or lack) of time one has to veer either on to Texas 6 or on to the frontage road from Texas 6. i.e. going south and getting off on Southwest Parkway or going north and getting off on the University exit.

Following are few of the responses text in to Aggie Nation.

• Hey crum have you ever driven during game days during rush times? It would back up onto the high way in no time.

• The new ramp design is more consistent with designs statewide. This is the 2nd time that the off ramps have been moved along the bypass

• They are terrible. More accident to happen. The one getting off on Harvey is crazy-signs everywhere hoping u don't crash

• Croom sounds like the crotchety old man, "get off my freeway you damn kids"!

• New hashtag.. #proramp

• Example coming off onto Harvey was only 10 cars onto the feeder before it backed up onto the actual highway. Many of the off ramps were too close to the intersections. -spider

• It was a problem on southwest

• Vote FOR the new on/off ramps. Obviously an extra freeway Lane would be nice but those ramps have been a major improvement. Separates the good drivers from the morons.

• TxDot has a mandate to spend their alloted budget for Brazos county, and they found that project would cost very near the exact budget surplus.

• No matter what the road design there are poor drivers to create hazardous situations. New design is safer. Slow down Croom

• Richard is TOTALLY right. They are horrid. Jamie B '73

• This thing is just a band aid. They are transferring freeway traffic under the frontage roads to save money

• On ramps have changed due to the backup created at intersections for the exits being to close to the intersections. The traffic was backing up on to the highway.

• It's so they don't back up on to the freeway from the light.

• Agree with Croom. Needed to add an extra lane to the freeway

• For example the Briarcrest south bound was so twisty that people were merging onto the highway at 45 mph. And people now merge at a slower speed and allow more time to get up to speed onto the highway. They are way better now.

• Heard it was to promote business on feeder road.

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Moving the ramps actually increases the capacity of the existing freeway lanes. They didn't have enough money to add a 3rd lane, so they switched the ramps and increased capacity almost as much as another freeway lane.

Oh Really

Unless they changed it in the last 30 days, if you're on Rock Prairie and want to go North and then get on business 6, like we used to be able to do, you can't do that now.
There's no entrance before the choice of Business 6 or continuing on Hwy 6 to Bryan.

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