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Fearful of the D.A.

For years, I’ve had the privilege of caring for cancer patients in our community. I’ve also had the honor of Patrick Meece’s friendship, support for cancer programs and the privilege of his legal representation in very difficult and complex legal matters. His litigation and legal skills are outstanding.

I know Patrick Meece as a man of great candor, honesty and integrity in both personal and professional relationships. Patrick is never intimidated, even when standing up to some of the most powerful and influential law firms and entities in Texas. He is a man of honor who fights for what is right and just.

I whole heartedly support Patrick Meece’s candidacy for district attorney. I’ve been listed as the largest financial contributor in this race. Why? Because I have first-hand knowledge of the corrupt good ole boy regime that permeates our courthouse. Because I know taking on an entrenched career politician is a Herculean task. Because I know Patrick’s keen sense of justice will not be influenced by favors, influence or money. Because Patrick has the desire, qualifications and fortitude to return true justice and integrity to our community. Because I have complete confidence in Patrick Meece.

Patrick’s opponent is supported by big contributions from his employees, his courthouse gang, and others who seek to align themselves with his existing regime. But in donations under $50 from ordinary citizens who don’t want their names disclosed, Meece has a 36 to 1 advantage — $14,781 to $409 (Eagle, Oct. 6). That demonstrates how many citizens are fearful of Turner’s power and don’t want to appear on his “strike list.”

To those who feel intimidated or pressured by Turner’s gang, rest assured our votes are cast in privacy. Join me at the polls to vote Patrick Meece for district attorney.


College Station

Best candidate

I feel compelled to write regarding Patrick Meece’s comments on the district attorney’s race donations (Eagle, Oct. 6). Patrick is wrong in his supposition on why we contributed to Bill Turner’s campaign.

Sheryl and I contributed to Bill Turner because we believe that Bill is the best candidate in the race for district attorney.


College Station

Willing, capable

Thomas Jefferson’s “a decent Respect to the Opinions of Mankind,” the heart of the very first sentence in the Declaration of Independence, is more eloquent but not as concise as John Kerry’s “global test.”

“A decent respect for the opinions of mankind” was needed to justify the American Revolution to the world, and Jefferson gave nearly 30 reasons for overthrowing the British.

Then, as now, for the United States to obtain the support of the world, it must justify its actions, and not act arbitrarily. John Kerry is willing and capable of representing us in an international forum. As Thursday’s debate showed, George Bush is neither, and for that reason he pretends not to care about international opinion.


College Station

Political hacks

I have heard about enough from Patrick Meece and his political hacks. They seem willing to stoop to any level to defame a good and decent man — Bill Turner — to further the ambition of a dangerously unqualified political wannabe.

Meece has never handled a criminal case as an attorney. When asked to name even a single one, he refused. He is obviously lying. He clearly appreciates how important criminal law experience is in a race for district attorney or he wouldn’t be misrepresenting his own criminal experience.

I have talked to a number of my attorney friends and it is clear that Meece’s reputation as an attorney is less than stellar. It is public knowledge that his four years as a justice of the peace handling traffic tickets and other petty misdemeanors was a complete fiasco. His bizarre behavior as justice of the peace resulted in him being barred from the county jail by a Republican sheriff and stripped of the most important of his duties by his fellow justices of the peace.

Surely this community would not be foolish enough to shoot itself in the foot turning a respected and competent district attorney out of office in favor of a deceitful and reckless politician like Meece? Heaven help us if we do.

I recall the stirring comments of Zell Miller at the GOP convention. He said he was crossing party lines because the safety of his family comes first. I’ll be doing the same thing. I will cast my vote for Bill Turner. My family deserves nothing less.


College Station

Sleaze and slime

I cannot wait for Nov. 3 to arrive. With the amount of sleaze and slime pouring out of the campaign for the “pretender to the throne” of the Brazos County district attorney’s position being matched only by the same type of psychobabble nonsense flowing from the Kerry campaign, this seems to be a bipartisan trash year.

Candidate Patrick Meece is showing what he would probably be like in the role of district attorney through the ridiculous ads he is running. And now we have a television ad announcing “The Debate” with a voice-over suitable only for giant truck crash meets and a few used car pitchmen.

How refreshing it would be to have some truth-filled, issue-based discussions — or no ads at all. Let the voter read the records and make informed decisions instead of relying emotion-filled statements containing half-truths at best.



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