My, what a clever bunch of readers we have!

I really should use a more imaginative collective term. A chapter of readers, perhaps. A library of readers. A glossary of readers. An appendix of readers. Or maybe a squint of readers.

Two weeks ago in this space we played a word game. The object was to come up with colorful collective terms for groups of people. I challenged readers to play along, and you did.

Some of you broadened the assignment a bit, coming up with collective terms for things as well as people.

The fourth-grade class of Joy Allen at Sam Houston Elementary School suited up for the contest.

"I shared your Sunday, Jan. 29, column with my fourth grade class," Ms. Allen wrote. "Fourth grade is the first year writing is tested on the TAKS test and we are always looking for ways to add enthusiasm to our writing. Many of my students excitedly joined your lineup to play the game."

Here's a list of the kids' creations:

A school of teachers. A college of scholars. A doctrine of theologians. A charity of givers. A score of composers. A palette of artists. A lottery of winners. An ocean of oceanographers. A wealth of bankers. A thimble of tailors. A bowl of MVPs. A text of authors. A land of appraisers. A broom of Mary Poppins. A needle of nurses.

A gallop of jockeys. A reign of kings. A beat of percussionists. A knock of door-to-door salesmen. A runway of models. A sizzle of cooks. A mmmmmmmm of M&Ms. A wheel of NASCAR racers. A disco of DJs. A carpool of drivers. A plate of waiters. A zap of electricians.

A catch of baseball players. A herd of ranchers. A punch of fighters. A Bible of Christians. A world of worshippers. A revival of believers. A heaven of angels. A "Maroon Out" of fans. A swatch of interior decorators. A sideburn of Elvis impersonators. A bouquet of florists. An alley of bowlers. A mop of maids.

A bale of stable hands. A siren of policemen. A brick of builders. A train of conductors. A heart of surgeons. A glove of gardeners. A Milky Way of astronomers. A document of insurers. A hairnet of cafeteria ladies. A bucket of custodians. A gem of jewelers. A house of landlords.

That's a wonderful list. Obviously, there are some budding writers in Ms. Allen's class. And then there were submissions from our slightly more mature readers.

From George Sassano:

A portrait of photographers. A kettle of cooks. A chart of optometrists. A diagnosis of doctors. A case of lawyers. A court of judges. A cage of zookeepers. A pendulum of hypnotists.

From Justice of the Peace George Boyett:

A bench of judges. A scale of justices. A gavel of judges. A cuff of cops. An inquiry of investigators. A chili of cooks. A biscuit of bakers. A goose of gagglers. A twelfth of Aggies. A twelfth of Seahawks. A saddle of riders. A side of Paso riders. A rack of hat salesmen. A lariat of ropers. A jack of boots. A rowel of spurs.

A polite meeting of politicians. (Objection, your honor! The descriptive term has to be believable, for goodness' sake!)

From Kay Parker:

A scoop of reporters. A scale of judges. A storm of weathermen. A school of teachers. A concerto of musicians. A rhythm of drummers. A field of athletes. A phonebank of solicitors. A pitch of salesmen. A squad of policemen. A referendum of legislators.

From Anne Linne:

A hide of cobblers. A skein of knitters. A thesis of students. A (blue) pen of editors. A look of leerers. A ton(e) of TV. A hand of time. A lumen of light. A leap of hurdlers. A mulch of gardeners. A note of musicians. A fit of tailors. An age of matrons. An eon of patriarchs. A ticket of troopers. A protection of soldiers.

A snoop of neighbors. A furrow of planters. A triumph of winners. A wrench of mechanics. A copse of lumberjacks. A forest of arborists.

From Dan Bailey:

A giggle of girls. A snarl of motorists. A measure of pharmacists.

From Malcolm Kushner:

A slick of oil executives. A lie of attorneys. A couch of psychiatrists. A smirk of politicians. A doughnut of cops.

From Connie Wortham:

A deposit of bankers. A chamber of ambassadors. A structure of builders. An escort of chaperones. A flip of gymnasts. A tribe of families. A case of lawyers. A symphony of conductors. An ocean of sailors.

From Amy Saylak:

A drawl of Texans. A chart of doctors. A booty of pirates. A blast of blondes. A click of photographers. An assignment of teachers.

Thanks to everybody for playing along. And for writing today's column for me. See, I learned a thing or two from reading Tom Sawyer.

• Donnis Baggett is publisher and editor of The Eagle. His e-mail address is donnis.baggett@

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