Bryan to redo roadwork


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A contractor who repaired more than 60 Bryan streets will have to redo dozens of roads after faulty materials caused them to deteriorate just months after completion, city officials said Monday.

The streets received seal coats — a process that fills in the cracks, makes the pavement more durable and provides surface texture — during the fall from crews working for Young Contractors, said Jayson Barfnecht, a project engineer for the city. The seal coats are supposed to last about five years, he said.

But many of the streets worked on during September and October already show signs of loose rock and bare spots where the coat of asphalt oil and rock did not properly bond, officials said.

Young Contractors is “diligently responding to the problems” and working with the city to repair the streets at no cost to Bryan, according to Jay Socol, public information officer for the city.

Officials with Young Contractors could not be reached for comment late Monday afternoon.

The original seal coats were part of the second phase of the city’s $790,000 street maintenance program, targeting 111 streets throughout Bryan. So far, the city has spent $475,000 to repair about 60 percent of the roads on its list.

It was unclear how much the repairs will cost Young Contractors because some sections of road that must be fixed are larger than others, Barfnecht said.

Barfnecht said dozens of the 66 streets newly sealed by the company have problems, but he declined to put a number on exactly how many streets needed fixing. He said the damaged roads were in various parts of the city and it was possible the city could discover more that need to be redone.

Laying down the new seal coats probably will not begin until the spring because the outside temperature must be at least 70 degrees for the best results. Residents along streets that are being recoated will be notified via door hangers to let them know when vehicles should be removed from the street, officials said.

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