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Gamma Gamma Master chapter of Beta Sigma Phi met Thursday for a Brazos Valley City Council-sponsored fall festival potluck social. Council president Lynn Freeman was hostess, and all six city chapters contributed food. Members later played sorority bingo, devised by Tracy Rutherford, using sorority terms and honors to fill in the blanks.

Preceptor Beta Phi chapter of Beta Sigma Phi met Oct. 12. Publicity chair Kay Hamn read a thank-you note from Bubba Moore’s family for the chapter’s donation. City Council representative Joyce Meads reported on the Oct. 11 council meeting. Program chair Sara Hayes announced the next meeting will be Oct. 26 at Penne Mathews’ home and mentioned the silent auction featuring baked goods and crafts for that meeting. Several members volunteered to host upcoming meetings. Hamn sent a check for two water containers to “Project Camelback” for troops in Iraq. Hayes gave the program.

Star Duplicate Bridge Club winners Friday were: N/S 1. Joyce Gorzycki and Barbara Petty; 2. Richard Duble and Jim Hibbetts; E/W 1. Elizabeth Booker and Sheryl Pace; 2. Sara Branch and Joyce Weedon.

Winners Oct. 25 were: N/S 1. Karen Bachman and Sally Koestler; 2. Ed Booker and Duble; E/W 1. Joyce Greinert and Betty Mahoney; 2. Joyce England and Nell Page.

Laureate Zeta Eta met Oct. 12 at Marianna Bond’s home. Dorothy Martin presented a program on Jane Goodall, discussing her years spent observing chimpanzees in Africa. President Vanette Allen reported on the Oct. 9 lunch and shopping trip to Martha’s Bloomers in Navasota. Della Nichols and Lynn Freeman introduced guests Levona Wine and Tennille Lamon, both new to the area. Service chair Rose Watson reported that Martin and Allen worked at the Brazos Animal Shelter Thrift Store. Watson also reminded members to bring items for the Hope Pregnancy Center baby shower in November. A “pounding” for bride Brandi Pennell and her husband, Richard, was held Oct. 26. Several members attended a luncheon Oct. 21 at Hospice Brazos Valley to honor volunteers. Hospice is one of the service organizations the sorority supports.

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