College Station municipal court moving to new facility


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College Station’s municipal court will close Thursday and re-open Tuesday in a new $3.2 million building that officials say will ease the court’s crowding problems.

An increasing number of cases over the past five years has created a space crunch at the current facility, which is attached to the College Station Police Department building, Municipal Court Judge Ed Spillane said.

“With more cases we need more space,” Spillane said. “And with more people being hired and working in the court, more space makes a big difference in terms of providing efficient and better customer service.”

The new 32,000-square-foot building is on Krenek Tap Road, across the street from the current court location on King Cole Drive. The municipal court will occupy 7,500 square feet on the building’s first floor, which also will house the city’s teen court. The current court space is 4,500 square feet.

The court and its administrative offices will close at noon Thursday and re-open Tuesday morning after the move. No business will be conducted while the court is closed, Spillane said.

Drivers who get traffic citations during that period have 10 business days to enter a plea in their case, Spillane said, but Thursday, Friday and Monday will not count against the 10-day period.

The court won’t be the only entity in the new building. Administrative offices of the fire department and the Brazos Valley Solid Waste Management Agency will be housed there too, project manager Charlie Shear said.

All offices will be on first floor because the 15,000-square-foot second floor has been left as a shell, awaiting future construction.

No funds have yet been made available for the design and construction of the interior of the second floor.

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