Expand recycling

I applaud the efforts of the city of College Station for its curbside recycling program, although currently no program is in place for multi-family recycling. Multi-family recycling would include apartment complexes.

Due to the high number of apartments located within College Station, it is disappointing that this service is not provided for the large population living in multi-family units.

For those who are interested in recycling, the city of Bryan has a staffed drive-in recycling center in the Wal-Mart SuperCenter lot, and Texas A&M University also recycles magazines, newspapers and paper products (mixed, office, colored and white).

In the past, the city has tried several multi-family recycling pilot programs, but due to high amounts of contamination levels the pilot program was dropped.

I believe that people living in multi-family units are just as capable as those living in single-family units as long as information on separation and on what can and cannot be recycled is available and visible at all locations.

The city of College Station has received considerable citizen input about implementation of a multi-family recycling program, but due to the current economic environment this proposal has yet to make it to the final budget.

This may change if more residents in multi-family units support a multi-family recycling program by notifying the recycling coordinator of College Station either by phone or e-mail through the city of College Station’s Web site http://www.cstx.gov.


College Station

Shameful bias

Our Founding Fathers knew that eternal vigilance is the price of freedom. The Eagle provided two excellent articles on its editorial page (Eagle, Sept. 4) about media bias.

This nation desperately needs informed voters if it is to remain free. After much research on Fidel Castro in 1959, I addressed a crowd of Aggies on campus concerning Castro’s communist background. At the same time, a New York Times article by Herbert Matthews portrayed Castro as a “Robin Hood, an agrarian reformer” and other supportive terms. Guess which of us was right.

That was my first experience with the dishonest, liberal-biased media.

The loss of Eastern Europe, China and parts of Africa followed Cuba.

In 1967, I learned of the horrible atrocities of the Vietcong. I founded a Victory in Vietnam Committee to inform people, to support our troops and support a victory for humanitarian reasons.

I constantly read Communists publications — The Guardian, The Daily Worker and World Marxist Review — and they were delighted with — and used — the anti-war statements of the Jane Fonda and John Kerry types. Our prisoners of war said the anti-war voices undermined U.S. morale.

The film “Hanoi Hilton” accurately portrayed the story of POWs. One scene had a Vietcong prison commander saying, “What we don’t win on the battlefield, your journalists will win for us on your very doorsteps.” How true.

Our biased mainstream media is so anti-Bush and so bent on electing the most liberal senator in America, it is shameful and dangerous. Where is fair and balanced reporting? No one is as blind as he who will not see.



The best choice

I had the pleasure and honor of serving as the first-assistant district attorney under Bill Turner in the 1980s. In my opinion, Bill Turner remains the finest district attorney in the state of Texas. He is a person of deep faith, immense integrity, and unflinching courage.

He is also the best trial attorney that I have ever encountered.

Throughout the state of Texas, the Brazos County District Attorney’s Office is regarded as the one that every other elected prosecutor wishes to emulate. That is unquestionably due to the leadership of Bill Turner.

I am the first to admit that Bill Turner has been a great influence on my life. He has taught me much about holding firm to one’s convictions and doing what is right at all costs. Yet, in examining the record of Bill Turner’s service to people of Brazos County over the years, any other dispassionate individual would have to conclude that Bill Turner is not only an outstanding prosecutor, but he also epitomizes the very best in what a public servant should be.

The choice for district attorney should be based on outstanding qualifications, strong character and a dedication to a higher good.

Bill Turner is the best choice that the people can make to be district attorney for Brazos County.



Flawed appraisal

My comments are about the decision made by the College Station City Council concerning the Longmire Drive extension. At that meeting, the owners of the Gandy property — property held in the family for 130 years — were assessed almost $200,000. The council saw fit to cut us some slack on the interest and timing of that payment, for which we are grateful.

However, the family is disappointed that no one addressed the central issue: the excessive amount of the assessment. It is excessive, we believe, because it was computed from a deeply flawed appraisal.

A thoughtful perusal of the second appraisal would have proved instructive.



A true Democrat

As a former Marine who served for 13 months with the 2nd Battalion 7th Marines in Vietnam and worked as a firefighter for 30 years, I know what a hero is. I have known several over the years.

For Chris Lee (Eagle, Sept. 4) to say that the heroes of the Sept. 11 attack were disrespected is right in line with the bull put out by the that so-called hero, John Kerry.

Kerry has been the person who has shown disrespect for the men and women who have served this country as police, firefighters and in the military.

Kerry started out as a traitorous suppliant to the communist government of North Vietnam in the 1970s and has never changed.

If you believe in Kerry, then you are a true Democrat and of the same caliber as he.  


Burleson County

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