Thursday, October 21 at 5:00 p.m. was the deadline for letters to the editor concerning the November 2 general election to reach The Eagle.

All such letters will be published by Thursday, October 28. Should there not be enough space to print all the election letters received, they will be published in proportion to the numbers received for each candidate.

Got to change

I’m sick of hearing Bill Turner say just call 911 if you have any trouble. I’ve had lots of trouble with a convicted felon who remains free to roam my neighborhood. Recently, while I was with my daughter in a parking lot, he tried to run me over three times, backing up to get another shot. My daughter was hollering and screaming. People witnessed it.

The Eagle reported that and went on to say that he “mooned” me before running over and assaulting me. I call his pulling down his pants in front of my 12-year-old daughter, then turning all the way around, indecent exposure.

This guy’s on probation for drug charges but never gets sent to jail. One assistant district attorney told me he has a whole stack of criminal complaints against the guy, but can’t do anything about it. I can’t understand that, but I know his lawyer always seems to be able to keep him out of jail. His lawyer even called me trying to get me to drop the charges.

This situation is completely out of hand. The police even called me once to warn me that he was threatening to set me on fire. My little girl is afraid to go out in our front yard because he frequently drives by yelling obscenities. I’ve reported all this to the District Attorney’s Office. They just keep asking me what proof I have. What can I say. I’ve seen him. My little girl has seen and heard him. I’ve done everything I can to stop this stuff, but I can’t do it without someone who is willing to put this man away.

Something has got to change. I’m voting for Patrick Meece.



Deserve better

Patrick Meece told a group of high school students that he would not try very many cases if elected district attorney. He said he would be out in the community.

Meece told The Eagle if elected, he doesn’t intend to spend a lot of time in trial, explaining that he will relegate such duties to assistant district attorneys. However, on the televised debate, Meece promised to “do intake” so he could be involved in every case. Doesn’t he know that intake is a full-time job? He can’t do both. He can’t be in intake like he promised on television and be out in the community, like he promised elsewhere.

Meece told The Eagle the number of attorneys in the office could be reduced. However, on the televised debate, Meece responded to a direct question about eliminating attorneys and said he has no plans to remove any of the current attorneys in the office. Which is it?

Meece continues to confuse us on his felony trial experience. The Eagle reported on Oct. 14 that Meece conceded to the Eagle Editorial Board he has never been involved in a felony jury trial.

However, on Oct. 21 Meece told KBTX he has handled felony cases. When is he ever going to name one? Never, because they don’t exist.

Who knows what the people of the Brazos Valley will get if they elect Patrick Meece on Nov. 2? I don’t think we should take that chance. The protection of our friends and family are too important.

To quote Meece, “Brazos County certainly does deserve better.” Vote for Bill Turner on Nov. 2.


College Station

Eagle hypocrisy?

An editorial (Eagle, Oct. 10) said, “Politics no longer is the art of calm debate and persuasion. It has become mean, dirty and ugly.” This is on page A10.

On page A11 is the an advertisement saying, “Mr. Turner, you may fool some of the people ... but a man of ethics and integrity ... doesn’t lie under oath.”

Is this a mistake? The Eagle would print an article criticizing the “mud slinging,” then print a negative campaign ad on the very next page?

Maybe if human beings would act the way that they talk, but then the old saying goes something like “Money talks, bull--- walks.”

I hope the editorial was worth the money that campaign ad brings in.



Shares views

There has been a lot said and written about the race for Congressional District 17. I would like to share why I’ll be voting for Arlene Wohlgemuth.

When voting for a representative, it is important to select someone who will most likely represent your views in Congress. After reviewing the records of both candidates, I believe that Arlene Wohlgemuth is that person. Whether the issue be keeping taxes as low as possible, conducting the war on terror and protecting our homeland or a wide array of social concerns such as for the protection of life and opposition to same-sex marriages, I am convinced that Wohlgemuth will stick much closer to my views.

Further, I think that if you are going to vote for President Bush for four more years, it is only reasonable to send him as much help in Congress as possible. Again, I’m much more confident that by sending Arlene Wohlgemuth to Congress, President Bush would be helped much more than hindered.

Some may read this and think what if Sen. Kerry wins instead? I really don’t think that is going to happen, but just in case the liberals get their way, it is even more important to send a true conservative to fight for my beliefs. Arlene Wohlgemuth is that candidate and will be that representative.

Please join me on election day in voting for Arlene Wohlgemuth for Congress.



Man of his word

Burleson County is lucky to have a person of Joey Skrivanek’s character and experience as county attorney He is a man of his word and an experienced trial lawyer who has effectively represented the citizens of Burleson County for well more than a decade. He is scrupulously honest.

As former prosecutors, we understand the demands on any prosecutor. Joey Skrivanek meets those demands with enthusiasm




Dirty politics

Recently, Patrick Meece’s campaign for district attorney has turned into a negative assault against the incumbent, District Attorney Bill Turner. A candidate for public office who resorts to such campaigning tactics lacks credibility and has to justify his running. Mudslinging advertisements are certainly a negative reflection of a candidate’s personal ethics and values. This is dirty politics.

Having known District Attorney Bill Turner since he began serving the people of Brazos County, there were countless occasions when I sought his advice and counsel as a policeman. Turner always had an open-door policy, was honest and fair about each case he prosecuted.

As our county experienced rapid growth, I observed the hard work and dedication of the district attorney’s department under Turner’s direction to meet the growing demands. Proof of his success and the respect he has earned was made evident recently when he was recognized statewide as Prosecutor of the Year.

Why would the citizens of Brazos County want to change the best for less?



Honorable, decent

I have known Arlene Wohlgemuth for almost 14 years. She is an honorable, decent person who has a strong moral compass and the ability to make tough decisions. She doesn’t make “backroom deals” for her own political gain, and she doesn’t say one thing and then do another.

That doesn’t mean every decision she makes is popular, i.e., the Children’s Health Insurance Program. In the presidential debates, President Bush stated that he makes tough decisions every day and they are not always popular. That is the mark of a true leader. It is easy to tell people what they want to hear. It is difficult, however, to stand firm on tough decisions, state the facts, and move forward. This is especially true in the political arena.

A candidate for office only has two things to sway voters: their record and their word. Arlene Wohlgemuth has given her word, and her voting record reflects this. John Kerry and Chet Edwards cannot say the same. Look at what they say and how they vote in Washington and see for yourself.

I hope you will consider Arlene Wohlgemuth for the 17th Congressional District.


College Station

Labels do matter

I take exception to the lofty admonition to vote for the person and not the party. What exactly does that mean? Vote for the person you like the best?

I don’t know anybody running for office so I have to rely on their record and their party affiliation to tell me who they are. I don’t know Chet Edwards, for example, but I do know he’s a Democrat. Based on that alone, I can tell you where he’ll stand on a whole host of issues if elected.

Allegiance to a political party doesn’t have to be unquestioning. It doesn’t necessarily mean you are closed minded or can’t think for yourself. It could mean you know what you believe and where you stand.  

How can the Rev. Kyle Walker (Eagle, Oct. 18) tell us on the one hand that neither political party should “presume God’s blessing,” yet he feels compelled as a “Christian minister of the gospel” to tell us he is voting Democratic?



Christian beliefs

Knowing that the following views on such critical issues have been made quite clear by the candidates, I am in a complete quandary as to how one professing Christian beliefs aligns with such liberal thinking.

• Partial-Birth Abortion: President Bush is opposed. John Kerry favors

• Restoring voluntary prayer in the public schools: President Bush favors. John Kerry opposes.

• Assault on Boy Scouts for belief in God and not allowing homosexual leadership: President Bush supports the Boy Scouts’ stand. John Kerry opposes Boy Scouts’ stand.

• Judges: President Bush says we need common-sense judges who believe our rights are derived from God. John Kerry insists on judges who support the ACLU’s radical anti-Christian, anti-God, anti-family agenda. John Kerry is insistent on blocking President Bush’s federal judge appointments.

I guess this all comes down to picking the issues one feels the strongest about.


College Station

Not a moderate

In its recommendation of Chet Edwards, The Eagle says that he is not a liberal, that he is as moderate a Democrat as you can find. The Eagle also thinks it’s good that he sits on the Budget and Appropriations Committees.

That’s nonsense.

Edwards didn’t get his assignments to powerful committees by being a moderate. He got them by pleasing the liberal leaders of his party. In fact, Edwards served as a deputy whip for the Democrats, twisting the arms of moderate Democrats to go along with the liberal agenda. He conveniently resigned from the whip position before this election, but his voting record still stands as one that the liberal leadership and liberal interest groups are proud of.

Edwards may be much like local folks, but in Washington he goes along to get along with his party's leadership.


College Station

Willing to listen

It has been my distinct pleasure to know Burleson County Attorney Joseph Skrivanek personally and professionally for nearly 25 years.

While we do not always agree on issues before the court, I am always assured and convinced that Joe has given serious thought and thoroughly listened to my position before making his decision.

Listening is an art, which is developed over years of service. I urge you to continue Joseph Skrivanek’s tenure in office in the best interest of your county.


Fort Bend County

NRA support

In the race for the 17th Congressional District I noticed that the National Rifle Association endorses Republican Arlene Wohlgemuth over Democrat Chet Edwards.

On the issue of gun control, we all know that liberal Democrats Chet Edwards and John Kerry will deliberately ignore violent gun criminals and only target law-abiding gun owners in their endless quest to destroy our Second Amendment. It’s amazing that law-abiding gun owners have more to fear from liberal gun-control laws than violent gun criminals.

If we can’t trust these two liberals to support our basic right o self defense, how in the world can we trust them in the war on terrorism?

The people in District 17 deserve better than Chet Edwards. The National Rifle Association and lawful gun owners recognize this very clearly.



Victim support

Accusations of victim abuse in the district attorney’s race could not be farther from the truth. Patrick Meece should be ashamed. Having attended a trial where family friends lost their child due to the negligence of a drunk driver, I could not have been more impressed with the compassion and sincerity of District Attorney Bill Turner and his staff.

They made sure that the family was aware of the process and were entirely comfortable with everything that was going to take place. The death of their child was never used as a publicity statement to get a longer sentence. Bill Turner and the people in his office, as well as the city of College Station employees, worked together to support these victims in a tragic situation.

Anyone with the ability to get government agencies to work together and has the compassion and understanding of Bill Turner will get my vote.


College Station

Wedding woes

On Nov. 30, 2001, Justice of the Peace Patrick Meece performed our wedding ceremony in his chambers. He was late. When he arrived he spoke to everyone in his office and to a gentleman in a suit with a briefcase sitting behind the counter. They had a conversation that lasted longer than five minutes.

One of Patrick Meece's clerks reminded him for the second time why we were there and waiting. The other gentleman seemed embarrassed by what had happened. Meece went into a back room and came back in a very wrinkled robe. He then told us to come back.

He began reading aloud from the Bible, suddenly stopped, looked at me and asked what color my hair was. Apricot? I was stunned. After a few seconds, I said I consider it auburn but he could call it what he liked. He went on and then mentioned how many times he had apologized to his wife that year.

Yes, I will always remember that ceremony. What would he say or do in court?

I choose to have a district attorney who will not make a mockery of the position entrusted to him by voters. Bill Turner has run a fair and clean campaign. I have yet to understand Meece riding a horse in one of his campaign ads. Is that his qualification?


College Station

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