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Book Budget for Wednesday, August 21, 2019

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^Forget Pittsburgh. Actress Cate Blanchett toured Seattle before becoming movie's 'Bernadette'<

^BOOK-MOVIE-BERNADETTE-SEATTLE:SE—<Where did she go, that Bernadette? All over Seattle, apparently.

The Phinney Ridge Farmer's Market. The top of the Space Needle. Buca di Beppo. Wherever actress Cate Blanchett needed to go to better understand the rant-ridden mind of Bernadette Fox, the title character of "Where'd You Go, Bernadette?", a film based on the best-selling book by Seattle author Maria Semple.

"I had started corresponding with Maria before we started shooting and I thought, 'I have got to get to Seattle!' " Blanchett said by phone recently. "So she took me all over. And it was a bloody heat wave! I thought, 'Where's the rain, Maria? Where is the rain?'"

800 by Nicole Brodeur in Seattle. (Moved Tuesday.)



^Tampa crime boss Santo Trafficante Jr. plays a central role in thriller 'Mafia Spies'<

^BOOK-MAFIASPIES-REVIEW:PT—<We're awash in conspiracy theories these days, and most of them are laughable. But one reason we might tend to believe them is that every once in a while a conspiracy theory turns out to be true.

The conspiracy recounted in Thomas Maier's new nonfiction book, "Mafia Spies: The Inside Story of the CIA, Gangsters, JFK, and Castro," is a humdinger.

1200 by Colette Bancroft. MOVED


^'In the Country of Women' review: A family's strong female roots<

^BOOK-COUNTRY-WOMEN-REVIEW:ND—<Some memoirs look deeply inward, examining how the self is formed in the crucible of the world. Susan Straight's "In the Country of Women" works in the opposite way: addressed to the author's three daughters, this is a book that spirals outward, gathering and illuminating stories of ancestors, family and community. It's a book with more people in it than an encyclopedia — so many it can be difficult to keep track of everyone — and its universe of people and stories is complex, layered and ultimately ravishing.

650 by Kate Tuttle. MOVED


^Review: 'Nights in White Castle,' by Steve Rushin<

^BOOK-NIGHTS-WHITECASTLE-REVIEW:MS—<In his 2017 memoir, "Sting-Ray Afternoons," the Sports Illustrated writer and author reminisced about growing up in 1970s Bloomington, Minn. The book ended as the '80s dawned, and a way of life seemed to have faded out with the previous decade, along with the shuttering of nearby Met Stadium.

Now, Rushin says, he's returned to answer the question, "Whatever happened to that kid?" Volume 2, "Nights in White Castle," picks up in 1983 as he begins his senior year at Kennedy High School. And in some ways, the sequel is better than the original.

600 by Casey Common. MOVED


^Review: 'Code Name: Lise,' by Larry Loftis<

^BOOK-CODENAME-LISE-REVIEW:MS—<When she was inserted into France during World War II, her code name was Lise. Her real name was Odette Sansom, and she was about as unlikely a prospect for espionage as you could imagine. She was living in England and raising three children while her husband was away at war. But she was born and raised in France, so her command of the language made her an ideal candidate as a courier for British spies and saboteurs operating in occupied France.

250 by Dennis J. McGrath. MOVED


^Review: 'The Turn of the Key,' by Ruth Ware<

^BOOK-TURN-KEY-REVIEW:MS—<Ruth Ware has spun a complex narrative — part ghost story, part deception thriller and part revenge tale laced with a longing for love and acceptance. This novel follows her first four successful psychological dramas with the same immersive writing, clever characters and delicious plot surprises. Readers think the story is headed one way only to be jerked back on course with a startling reveal. And this goes on and on with whiplash succession.

250 by Ginny Greene. MOVED



^Sweat or chill out with these hot and cold books<

^BOOK-ROUNDUP-HOT-COLD:PT—<Hot enough for you? If not, you can read your way into roasting weather — or into chilly climes. Here are a few books to consider to change your internal weather.

550 by Colette Bancroft. MOVED


^6 paperbacks to pick up, including bios of Arthur Ashe and Agatha Christie<

^BOOK-ROUNDUP-PAPERBACK:SE—<A little bit of everything for late-summer paperback reading: novels, short stories, book-length journalism and two splendid biographies.

650 by Moira Macdonald. MOVED




^BOOK-BEST:MCT—<Best-selling books from Publishers Weekly. (Moving Thursday afternoon)


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