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^Kevin Spacey accuser abruptly drops lawsuit that was filed last week<

^SPACEY:NY—<The man who says Kevin Spacey groped him in a Massachusetts bar in 2016 has abruptly dropped a lawsuit he had filed against the embattled actor just over a week ago.

250 by Nelson Oliveira. MOVED


^Academy CEO Dawn Hudson on 8 years of trying to modernize a 92-year-old boys' club<

^MOVIE-ACADEMY-HUDSON:LA—<Dawn Hudson has a trick for beating jet lag: She refuses to believe in it.

"I set my watch for the new time and go from there."

That ability to put mind over matter has helped her navigate thus far as the first chief executive of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Eight years of change, controversy, criticism and occasional chaos have turned a Hollywood fixture, with all the pertinent connotations of calcification, into a roiling center of conversations about inclusivity, sexual harassment, digital disruption and globalization.

And a near-constant newsmaker.

1650 by Mary McNamara in Los Angeles. MOVED


^Taylor Swift, entitled millionaire, is the labor activist the music industry needs<

^MUS-SWIFT-BRAUN:LA—<Taylor Swift, one of pop music's most polarizing superstars, is enmeshed in another very public battle, and the world has promptly, predictably, divvied up into pro- and anti-Swift camps.

This time, however, the target of her ire isn't an ex-boyfriend or another musician with whom she has clashed, but super-manager Scooter Braun. Braun has assembled an investment group that's entered into a deal, announced over the weekend, to pony up $300 million to buy her former record label and with it, the master recordings to all her existing studio albums.

Swift is incensed, as millions of her social media followers learned from her angry Tumblr post last weekend, that Big Machine Label Group chief Scott Borchetta chose to sell his company to Braun, who once represented Swift's arch-nemesis, Kanye West.

1500 by Randy Lewis. MOVED


^Why didn't Disney just explain why it cut the sexist 'Toy Story 2' blooper?<

^MCNAMARA-COLUMN:LA—<Disney is not a company known for explaining itself, but why on earth it would do a good thing in a way that makes it look shady really is beyond me.

In a new 4K Blu-ray edition of Pixar's "Toy Story 2" released June 4, Disney removed from the film's closing credits "bloopers" a scene of Stinky Pete (voiced by Kelsey Grammer) sexually harassing two Barbie dolls. ("So you're identical in every way," he purrs creepily, stroking one of the dolls' arms. "I'm sure I could get you a role in 'Toy Story 3.'") That decision is good.

But Disney did it with no explanation or announcement — though members of online communities noticed almost at once, most media only caught on recently. And that is almost as creepy, and stinky, as ol' Pete himself.

800 by Mary McNamara. MOVED


^MAD Magazine leaving newsstands, effectively shutting down after 67 years<

MADMAGAZINE:NY — MAD Magazine is folding but not for fun this time.

The highly influential humor magazine famous for its gap-toothed mascot Alfred E. Neuman, social satire and fold-in back covers is due to stop publishing newsstand issues after its upcoming October edition, multiple people close to the title claim.

After that it's expected to become a reprint title only, ending its illustrious 67-year run publishing original content.

550 by Nancy Dillon in New York. MOVED



^Disturbed and confused by 'Midsommar'? Let the filmmakers explain<

^MOVIE-MIDSOMMAR:LA—<As exacting and detailed as Ari Aster is as a filmmaker, he's surprisingly low-key about how to pronounce the title of his new film, "Midsommar." While he, as many do, says "mid-so-mar," others are going with "mid-summer."

"That's fine as well," he said. "Either way."

That atypical shot of easygoing energy also plays into the uncanny mix of restraint and chaos that gives "Midsommar" — Aster's second film, and the follow-up to his acclaimed 2018 horror hit "Hereditary" — its shocking, disturbing power. A dark tale set mostly in the bright sunlight of a secluded Swedish village, the film tells the story of a young woman, Dani (Florence Pugh), who is gripped with grief after a horrific family tragedy finds little solace from her increasingly distant boyfriend, Christian (Jack Reynor).

1900 by Mark Olsen in Los Angeles. MOVED


^Bill Wyman's documentary about the Rolling Stones is as modest as he is<

^QUIETONE-MOVIE-REVIEW:MS—<While Mick Jagger and Keith Richards are asking as much as $500 to experience the Rolling Stones this summer in massive football stadiums, their former bandmate Bill Wyman is showing his home movies of the world's greatest rock 'n' roll band at a theater near you for about $10.

"The Quiet One" is an aptly titled documentary about Wyman, the Stones bassist from 1962 to '93. All those years, the interview-shy musician was the band's archivist, a role for which he was naturally suited. As a kid, he was an avid collector and aspiring shutterbug. As an 82-year-old, he has quite a treasure of mementos and memories.

700 by Jon Bream. MOVED


^Horror film 'Midsommar' is so scary, it may drive you out of the theater<

^MIDSOMMAR-MOVIE-REVIEW:MS—<"Midsommar" is an upsetting movie, and I mean that word in pretty much every way you can think of.

Writer/director Ari Aster's second horror feature, after "Hereditary," upsets because of the activities it depicts. (At one point, I calmed myself by thinking, "Well, at least these people aren't eating each other," but, honestly, I'm not so sure.) More crucially, it wants to upset the way you feel, maybe even the way you watch movies.

600 by Chris Hewitt. MOVED



^From trauma to triumph, 7 songs that sum up star Ariana Grande<

^MUS-GRANDE-SONGS:MS—<In February, she became the only artist other than the Beatles to occupy the top three spots on Billboard's Hot 100. In April, she was named one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time magazine — for the second time. And she's the second-most-followed woman on Insta gram (after Selena Gomez).

But what's most impressive about Ariana Grande is how she turns personal pain into potent pop. The 2017 tragedy after her concert in Manchester, England, when a terrorist bomb killed 22 fans. The September 2018 overdose death of her former boyfriend, rapper Mac Miller. Her public breakup in October 2018 with fianc Pete Davidson of "Saturday Night Live."

750 by Jon Bream. MOVED


^Singer Joss Stone says she was deported from Iran<

^MUS-STONE:NY—<Joss Stone says she was deported from Iran, causing her to fall short on her goal to perform in every country around the world.

The 32-year-old English soul singer shared in an Instagram post that authorities detained her in Iran.

400 by Kassidy Vavra. MOVED



^MUS-BLUEGRASS:OW—<Reviews of bluegrass music releases

200 by Keith Lawrence. MOVED


^Review: 'Stranger Things 3' finds new horrors at ... the mall. Aiee!<

^VID-STRANGERTHINGS3-REVIEW:LA—<Demogorgons. Mad scientists. A parallel universe. It has seemed that Hawkins, Ind., saw it all over the past two seasons of "Stranger Things," the 1980s-set sci-fi horror series. But the fictional town faces a new threat: the Starcourt Mall.

It's 1985 and the Fourth of July is days away, yet the residents of Hawkins aren't in the mood to celebrate. The behemoth shopping center is sucking the life out of the area's mom and pop shops, luring teenagers and serving something called Orange Julius. It's sure to be the town's downfall.

750 by Lorraine Ali. MOVED



^TV-REMOTE-ADV07:CC—<Around the remote: Chuck Barney's TV and streaming picks for July 7-13

550 by Chuck Barney. MOVED


^TV-QUESTIONS:MCT—<Television Q&A: Will Netflix get the latest season of 'iZombie'?

650 by Rich Heldenfels. MOVED



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