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International Budget for Wednesday, August 28, 2019

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^Bolsonaro wants apology from Macron before accepting G-7 money to fight fires<

BRAZIL-FIRES-1ST-LEDE:DPA — Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro said certain conditions must be met before he will accept G-7 aid to combat the devastating Amazon fires, including an apology from French President Emmanuel Macron.

"First, Macron should take back the insults against me," Bolsonaro said as he left his residence on Tuesday, accusing Macron of calling him a "liar."

500 by Denis Duettmann and Eliyahu Kamisher in Buenos Aires, Argentina. MOVED


^Bugged and storming: Trump lashes out about bedbugs and nuking hurricanes<

TRUMP:LA — After a weekend of roller-coaster meetings with foreign leaders in France, President Donald Trump turned to less weighty matters Tuesday, denying a bedbug problem at the troubled Trump golf resort in Miami, where he wants to host next year's G-7 summit, and rejecting a report that he pondered using nuclear weapons against Atlantic hurricanes, a move that scientists say would spread radioactivity around the globe.

In railing to his 63.6 million Twitter followers, Trump gave those stories global visibility — demonstrating his penchant for taking arms against even minor slights, and the scattershot focus that defines his stream-of-consciousness presidency.

1200 (with trims) by Eli Stokols in Washington. MOVED



^Two Palestinian policemen killed in Gaza explosion<

MIDEAST-GAZA-EXPLOSIONS:DPA — Two Palestinian police officers were killed on Tuesday night in an explosion at a crossroad south of Gaza City, according to a statement from the Hamas-run Interior Ministry.

The two were on a motorbike south of Gaza City, medics and security officials said.

200 by dpa in Gaza City, Gaza Strip. MOVED

^Countries adopt trade ban for wild elephants from southern Africa<

ENV-WILDLIFE-TRADE:DPA — Southern African countries will no longer be allowed to sell wild elephants to zoos and circuses on other continents, according to a decision that was taken Tuesday at an international wildlife pact conference in Geneva.

The ban is mainly intended to stop exports from Zimbabwe to China, conservation activist Daniela Freyer with the German group Pro Wildlife told dpa

250 by dpa in Geneva. MOVED



^Deutsche Bank has tax returns sought by House Democrats<

TRUMP-BANKS:BLO — Deutsche Bank AG has confirmed that it has tax returns requested by U.S. lawmakers seeking financial information for President Donald Trump and his family. Whose returns are those? That's still a secret.

The disclosure was made by the bank in a letter filed Tuesday in response to a question from an appeals court. The panel is considering a request from Trump to block access to financial records at Deutsche Bank and Capital One Financial Corp. that were subpoenaed by House Democrats. In a separate letter, Capital One said it does not possess the tax returns being sought.

550 by Chris Dolmetsch in New York. (Moved as a Washington story.) MOVED


^Trump wants to reprogram DHS money for ICE detention operations<

DHS-BORDER-FUNDS:CON — The Department of Homeland Security intends to divert more than $200 million from other departmental functions to pay for additional immigrant detention beds and for new hearing locations for migrants who want to come to the United States but are told to remain in Mexico.

This is the fourth consecutive fiscal year in which DHS has diverted money for immigrant enforcement from other appropriations accounts, despite objections from Democrats.

800 by Tanvi Misra in Washington. MOVED


^Federal judge pauses Missouri's 8-week abortion ban, leaves other prohibitions intact<

^MO-ABORTION-1ST-LEDE:KC—< A federal judge Tuesday temporarily blocked part of Missouri's new abortion law, pausing prohibitions against abortion based on gestational age, but letting stand the provision barring the procedure for reasons of sex, race or Down syndrome diagnosis.

The decision, by U.S. District Court Judge Howard Sachs, was handed down on the eve of the law's scheduled implementation. It followed a two-hour hearing Monday in the U.S. District Court of the Western District of Missouri's Kansas City courthouse.

950 by Crystal Thomas in Jefferson City, Mo.. MOVED


^Threat increases for Florida as Tropical Storm Dorian approaches Puerto Rico<

WEA-DORIAN-2ND-LEDE:FL — The threat of tropical storm or hurricane conditions impacting Florida from Dorian has increased, the National Hurricane Center said in its 5 p.m. EDT update Tuesday.

So far on Tuesday the official hurricane center forecast was continuing to show Dorian either remaining as a tropical storm or edging very close to hurricane status — instead of becoming an all-out hurricane — by the time the storm starts knocking on Florida's door.

950 (with trims) by Brett Clarkson in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. MOVED


^Women who endured Jeffrey Epstein's sexual abuse voice their outrage<

EPSTEIN-VICTIMS-2ND-LEDE:MI — Amid tears of outrage and words of courage, more than two dozen women appeared in a New York federal courtroom Tuesday at a historic hearing that could serve as a catalyst for change in the way that the U.S. criminal justice system treats victims of sexual assault.

The women, many speaking for the first time, talked about how, as teenagers or women barely out of their teens, they were preyed upon, recruited and sexually abused by sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, who used his political, social and financial connections to lure them into a trap that would alter and, in some cases, ruin their lives.

1800 (with trims) by Julie K. Brown in New York. MOVED


^House Democrats: Congress should open investigation into Jeffrey Epstein's death<

EPSTEIN-CONGRESS:CON — Dozens of House Democrats have called on the leaders of the chamber's powerful investigative committees to launch an inquiry into the case of accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

"While we cannot undo the damage Epstein has caused the victims of his abuse, the survivors of Epstein's exploitation and manipulation deserve a forum to be heard and both they and the public deserve transparency and answers to unresolved questions," forty-five Democrats said in a letter addressed to the top Democrats and Republicans on the Judiciary and Oversight committees.

500 by Emily Kopp in Washington. MOVED


^Obama takes on partisan gerrymandering with new initiative<

OBAMA-GERRYMANDERING:LA — Former President Barack Obama announced a new initiative this week aimed at ending partisan gerrymandering.

In one of his first public political actions since he left the White House, Obama on Monday unveiled Redistricting U on Twitter as an in-person training arm of the All on the Line project, a grassroots advocacy campaign fighting for fair electoral maps ahead of the 2020 census count and redistricting in 2021.

450 by Alexa Diaz in Washington. MOVED


^Trump's White House dismisses Taylor Swift's VMA plea, calls the Equality Act 'poison'<

TRUMP-TAYLORSWIFT:LA — Taylor Swift's movement-stirring global influence apparently does not extend to President Donald Trump's White House.

The Trump administration has issued a response to the pop star's MTV Video Music Awards speech, which urged the White House to acknowledge her petition to the Senate in support of the Equality Act demanding that "on a national level, our laws truly treat all of our citizens equally." According to CNN, the White House made clear Tuesday that it has no intention of joining Swift's crusade.

350 by Christi Carras. (Moved as a Washington story.) MOVED


^Bedbug victim 'outraged' as Trump blames 'radical Left Democrats' for spreading rumors about his Miami resort<

^TRUMP-DORAL-BEDBUGS:NY—<A New Jersey insurance executive who sued and then settled over an itchy infestation at the "spectacular" resort where President Donald Trump hopes to host world leaders next year said Tuesday he's "outraged" by the president's attempt to deny bedbug reports.

Eric Linder is bound by a confidentiality agreement not to discuss the settlement of his 2016 lawsuit — but he was plenty unhappy with the president's tweet earlier in the day deriding bedbug claims about his Trump National Doral resort outside Miami.

500 by Chris Sommerfeldt and Dave Goldiner. MOVED



Also moving as:

TRUMP-DORAL-BEDBUGS:MI — 200 by David J. Neal in Miami. MOVED


^Trump's 'perfectly located' Doral resort sees value decline again, Miami-Dade says<

^REAL-TRUMP-DORAL:MI—<With real estate values rising across Doral, Donald Trump's primary resort property in the city received some tax relief this summer after Miami-Dade appraisers concluded that sales continued to drop at the hotel.

Miami-Dade's property appraiser released 2019 appraised values for 20 parcels that make up the Trump National Doral Miami, which the White House this week all but declared the site for the G7 summit in 2020. While the combined value of the parcels now is higher than it was in 2018, the main property that houses the 643-room hotel and conference center saw its value drop by 2% in 2019.

950 by Douglas Hanks and Taylor Dolven. (Moved as a business story.) MOVED


^NASA dangles $7 billion carrot for next moon landing<

SCI-NASA-MOON:BLO — The agency that sent humans to the moon 50 years ago is offering $7 billion to take the first steps for a U.S. return to the lunar surface within five years.

NASA is seeking U.S. companies that can deliver cargo, experiments and supplies to a spacecraft named Gateway in lunar orbit as part of the planned Artemis landing mission. It's the largest of several proposals unveiled since May as the agency accelerates work to return to space, with the eventual goal of reaching Mars.

650 by Steve Geimann in Washington. MOVED


^Meek Mill pleads guilty to a gun charge; all other charges dropped<

MEEKMILL-1ST-LEDE:PH — Meek Mill's legal saga, more than a decade old, is officially over.

Common Pleas Court Judge Leon Tucker on Tuesday morning agreed to let Mill plead guilty to illegal possession of a firearm and the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office dropped all other charges against the celebrity rapper. Mill will face no further penalty as part of his plea agreement with prosecutors.

The decision closed the books on a years-long process in which the Philadelphia-born Mill was incarcerated for probation violations, freed early amid widespread outcry, and then became a high-profile and outspoken advocate for criminal justice reform.

850 by Chris Palmer in Philadelphia. MOVED


^Border Patrol agent pleads guilty to hitting migrant in face<

BORDERPATROL-AGENT:SD — A Calexico-based Border Patrol agent has pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor and agreed to resign after admitting to striking a migrant in custody in the face, according to court documents.

The legal proceedings against Jason Andrew McGilvray both opened and closed on Thursday in San Diego federal court. He was arraigned on a charge of deprivation of rights under the color of law, subsequently pleaded guilty and was then sentenced to one year of unsupervised probation.

350 by Kristina Davis in San Diego. MOVED



^Why Netflix is looking to India and a curious baby called Bheem to expand its user numbers abroad<

NETFLIX-INDIA:LA — When Netflix plunged into India's vast market with its first original animated kids series in April, it turned to a curious baby known as Bheem who crawls through his rural village overcoming challenges to nab the perfect white flower to complement his mom's purple sari.

Company executives anticipated that "Mighty Little Bheem" would be embraced by Indian audiences, but they were pleasantly surprised when the series targeting preschoolers took off worldwide, becoming the second most popular original kids program to launch on Netflix after DreamWorks Animation's "The Boss Baby: Back in Business."

1450 by Wendy Lee in San Francisco. (Moved as a business story.) MOVED


^E-Verify detects workers without legal status. How do immigrants get around it?<

WRK-IMMIGRATION-EVERIFY:LA — For an immigrant who journeys to the Deep South to toil in the chicken factories, it does not take long to figure out how to land a job — even without legal status to work in the United States.

Arriving in Mississippi last year, Beatriz, a 22-year-old Guatemalan, quickly learned all she had to do was purchase fraudulent documents and apply at one of the many plants where cursory reviews and few questions are the norm.

1750 by Cindy Carcamo and Jenny Jarvie in Atlanta. (Moved as a business story.) MOVED


^Trump takes aim at 'golden visa' program that's pumped hundreds of billions of dollars in investment into US<

^EB5-VISA:DA—<WASHINGTON — The luster has come off the "golden visa," the immigrant investor program that's injected hundreds of billions of dollars into U.S. development projects in recent years.

President Donald Trump is reining in the program — typically called EB-5, in reference to its visa classification — in the wake of longstanding complaints that it's ripe for fraud and riddled with loopholes large enough to distort its original purpose.

Starting in November, foreign investors will have to pony up more cash to get on the fast track to a green card, while developers will have a harder time gaming the system to get cut-rate deals.

1250 (with trims) by Tom Benning. (Moved as a business story.) MOVED


^GM exiting China would mean billions in lost future profits<

AUTO-GM-CHINA:DE — If President Donald Trump were able to actually order American business out of China, General Motors would be the hardest hit of the Detroit Three carmakers.

Though most of its profits come from North America, the company makes 43% of its annual global vehicle sales in China.

1100 by Jamie L. LaReau in Detroit. (Moved as a business story.) MOVED


^Federal judge's ruling against Carnival on Cuba cruises leads to rash of similar lawsuits<

^CARNIVAL-CUBA:MI—<A lawsuit seeking to punish Carnival Corporation for doing business in Cuba using assets that were expropriated by the Fidel Castro government will move forward, a federal judge in Miami has ruled.

450 by Taylor Dolven. (Moved as a business story.) MOVED



^Blood, sex and '80s art: Director Hari Sama on making 'This Is Not Berlin'<

^MOVIE-NOTBERLIN-SAMA:LA—<It is 1986 in Mexico City. A year after an 8.0 magnitude earthquake has reduced parts of the city to rubble. The longtime ruling party, the Partido Revolucionario Institucional, still clings to power. In the decade before Mexico would open itself to the world, it is a moment of stifling isolation.

In the midst of this, a disaffected 17-year-old named Carlos is discovering new worlds in an underground art and music scene where suffocating societal mores do not apply.

This is the world of director Hari Sama's new feature film, "This Is Not Berlin," which premiered Friday in Los Angeles. The story is loosely inspired by the director's youth, when he found solace from family troubles in New Wave music and the dance floor of a queer dance club that was also as a popular site for art and performance. Here, among the friends he considered family, he experimented with music, drugs and sexuality.

1250 by Carolina A. Miranda. MOVED



^Commentary: Trump's invoking of a Jewish 'loyalty test' is a concern for all Americans<

^JEWISHLOYALTY-COMMENTARY:TB—<We have seen this before.

A week in which the president of the United States repeatedly questioned the loyalty of Jews who did not vote for him and his party has shocked and dismayed the American Jewish community. We should be dismayed; we should hardly be shocked.

Jewish loyalty oaths, in the modern world, have led to disastrous consequences for our community. The 19th century began with Napoleon questioning whether Jews were truly loyal to France; that same century ended with the French scapegoating of Alfred Dreyfus and public displays of anti-Semitism.

In 1934, Adolf Hitler instituted "The Fuehrer Oath" as a litmus test for the loyalty of the German military. Just a year and a decade later, 6 million Jews had been murdered by the fuehrer's final solution.

600 by Seth M. Limmer. MOVED


^Commentary: Immigrants, including some of the El Paso shooting victims, already have less access to health care, and new rules will worsen the situation<

^IMMIGRANTS-HEALTHCARE-COMMENTARY:LA—<The survivors and families who lost loved ones in the El Paso shooting have a difficult road ahead as they deal with grief, trauma and lasting physical injuries. These challenges are likely to be compounded by another issue for some of the victims: newly strengthened policies that limit public health care benefits for immigrants.

The suspected shooter in El Paso was allegedly targeting Latino immigrants, and several of those killed or injured were not U.S. citizens. All of the survivors and victims' families may struggle with access to medical care, but the struggle is likely to be harder for those not born in the United States.

700 by Alex Gertner and Paul Shafer. MOVED


^Commentary: My Bauhaus childhood, when molding was taboo<

^BAUHAUS-COMMENTARY:LA—<In 1919, a handful of architects, designers and craftsmen started the Bauhaus design school in Germany to change the world. They wanted to modernize architecture and product design by stripping away old-fashioned ornamentation, streamlining elegant design, and making it available for all people. If they could have hopped into a time machine and traveled 100 years ahead and visited any Target, IKEA or high-rise office building, they would have been astonished how thoroughly successful they were.

My Bauhaus-educated parents had a hand in this transformation, though my younger self struggled to understand their passionate opinions about design.

1150 by Sara Kirschenbaum. MOVED


^Eli Lake: Trump lowers the bar for a deal with Iran<

^LAKE-COLUMN:BLO—<When President Donald Trump finally followed through on his threats and withdrew the U.S. from the Iran nuclear deal in 2018, it looked like he was after something far more ambitious. Shortly after the announcement, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo outlined 12 conditions for the U.S. to lift the sanctions Trump had just reimposed, including an end to threats against Israel, a withdrawal of Iranian forces from Syria and the release of all U.S. citizens Iran was detaining.

This week, at a press conference at the Group of Seven summit in France, Trump whittled down those conditions to just three. "We're looking for: no nuclear weapons, no ballistic missiles and a longer period of time," he said, referring to the expiration of many conditions of the last deal in 2030. "Very simple, we can have it done in a very short period of time."

500 by Eli Lake. MOVED


^Michael Hiltzik: Koch's legacy is system of dark money<

^HILTZIK-COLUMN:LA—<The passing of billionaire David Koch, announced Friday, already is inspiring retrospectives about the noxious influence he and his brother Charles have had on government policies — but it may be better to remember him for his real innovation in the sphere of public discourse.

That's the creation of a network of moneyed donors so potent and ubiquitous that the voice of the individual voter has been drowned out.

The Koch brothers' individual efforts to undermine policies on climate change and other problems are bad enough, but the system they pioneered bodes even worse for the future of American democracy. And let's not ignore that this system has spread throughout American politics, with huge funding networks on the right and the left.

1000 by Michael Hiltzik. MOVED


^Editorial: A G-7 fiasco to remember<

^G7-SUMMIT-EDITORIAL:BLO—<Although Group of Seven summits rarely produce much of value, they can generally be relied on to avoid making things worse. This weekend's gathering in Biarritz, France, was a notable exception. With concerns about the global economy mounting, and security and environmental challenges demanding fresh purpose and clarity from the U.S. and its allies, the summit only compounded the risks.

550 by The Editors. MOVED


^Editorial: Joe Walsh, who ran his mouth, runs for president<

^WALSH-EDITORIAL:TB—<In the 2020 primaries, Republicans will be able to vote for a presidential candidate who has questioned Barack Obama's birthplace, stoked hostility toward Muslims and mocked the sacrifices of war heroes.

Or they can vote to renominate President Donald Trump.

That first candidate may sound like Trump, but it's former GOP Rep. Joe Walsh of Illinois, who on Sunday announced his bid to unseat the Republican who now occupies the White House. As a radio talk show host, Walsh gained notoriety for nasty and bigoted comments, and even got suspended for using the N-word.

400 by The Editorial Board. MOVED


^Editorial: Thunder on the right: Bring on the Republican Trump challengers<

^TRUMP-CHALLENGERS-EDITORIAL:NY—<After all the spending, the trillion-dollar deficit, the trade war, the disrespect for the rule of law, the shredding of strategic alliances, the everyday vulgarity and innate cruelty, there's finally some noise on the right challenging President Trump.

250. MOVED


^Editorial: An open door to housing bias<

^TRUMP-HOUSING-EDITORIAL:LA—<With each passing week, it seems there is another attempt by the Trump administration to whittle down someone's civil rights protections.

The latest effort is a proposed rule from the Department of Housing and Urban Development that would make it considerably harder — if not impossible — to enforce fair housing laws designed to protect vulnerable groups from covert or unintentional discrimination.

700 by The Times Editorial Board. MOVED



^Jeremy Lin to play for Beijing in the Chinese Basketball Association<

^BKO-LIN-CHINA:ND—<Jeremy Lin, who became an overnight sensation with the Knicks during the 2011-12 season as "Linsanity" swept through the NBA, announced on social media Tuesday that he will play for the Beijing Shougang Ducks of the Chinese Basketball Association for the 2019-20 season.

Lin, 31, spent last season with the Atlanta Hawks and Toronto Raptors. He was part of the Raptors team that beat the Golden State Warriors in June to win the franchise's first NBA title. But Lin did not garner much interest in NBA free agency.

500 by Mike Rose. MOVED



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