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^From refugees to Bay Area entrepreneurs: How one family started over<

LIFE-REFUGEES-ENTREPRENEURS:SJ — With just 30 days notice, the Rawas family was plucked from their temporary home in Jordan, where they'd fled the Syrian civil war, and resettled in Oakland. As refugees, they knew no one, had no job prospects and didn't speak a word of English.

Three years later, Mohammed Aref Rawas, Rawaa Kasedah and their four children are running a budding catering business that serves authentic Syrian food such as smoked basmati rice, falafel and fattoush salad. They've hired their first employee. Their clients include big tech companies. And the days when starting over seemed impossible are far behind them.

850 by Tatiana Sanchez in Berkeley, Calif. MOVED


^How creative arts can change the way people deal with mental illness<

^HLTH-ARTS-MENTAL-ILLNESS:PH—<A crack in the wall. Most people wouldn't even notice it. But for Danielle Hark, it was a spark of inspiration.

Six months after giving birth to her first daughter in 2010, Hark, a writer and photographer from Millburn, N.J., fell into a severe depression. Getting out of bed became impossible. Anxiety struck whenever she considered leaving the house. Thoughts of suicide loomed.

1250 by Aneri Pattani. MOVED


^To lower prison health care costs, Maryland is trying something new: Serving healthier food<

^HLTH-PRISON-HEALTHIER-FOOD:BZ—<Not long after taking over as warden of the Maryland Correctional Institution for Women in Jessup, Margaret M. Chippendale noticed a sizable problem: Women were leaving the system a lot heavier than when they arrived.

She made an easy connection in the dining hall. The women were being served the same food as male prisoners, a 3,200-calorie menu filled with carbs, such as three slices of white bread at a meal.

"Women here already have a number of health issues," Chippendale said. "This wasn't helping."

In an effort to stem the weight gains, and improve chronic health conditions such as heart disease and diabetes that disproportionately affect those incarcerated, she worked with a dietitian to retool the offerings and slowly cut about 1,000 calories a day from the meals.

1200 by Meredith Cohn. MOVED



^Twin sisters give birth just hours apart<

CALIF-TWINSISTERS-BIRTH:FR — Identical twins BaoNhia and BaoKou Yang were inseparable growing up in Fresno, and on Sunday night when each sister gave birth to a daughter, it seemed more like destiny than chance.

"We share a lot. And everywhere we go, we go together," BaoKou says.

But the sisters, 23, didn't plan on having simultaneous pregnancies and same-night births. It just happened. "Maybe it's like a miracle," BaoNhia said. "It was amazing. I didn't know I was pregnant until I took the pregnancy test after she did, and I found out I was pregnant, too."

450 by Barbara Anderson in Fresno, Calif. (Moved as a national story.) MOVED


^'She wasn't afraid of life': Woman who died doing missionary work in Africa recalled as vibrant, strong-willed<

^LIFE-MISSIONARY-WORKER-DIED-AFRICA:TB—<Meghan Liddy had been sick with malaria before, but this time it was different.

Liddy, who'd just turned 25, was mourning the death of an infant boy, Kofi, she was fostering in Kumasi, Ghana, when she became ill.

"I've been hospitalized with malaria and it's kinda seriously kicking my butt along with lots of other horrible things happening this week," Liddy wrote on her Facebook page Wednesday, Oct. 31. "Please if you could send good vibes prayers and whatever else you got."

It was her last post on her page, but the family continued to receive news from her friends in Ghana, and it was not good.

650 by Matthew Walberg. MOVED


^Will a machine pick your next medication?<

^HEALTH-AI-MEDICATION:MYO—<What once seemed like a scene from a 22nd century sci-fi movie is reality today. High speed, big data-processing computers combine artificial intelligence with human know-how to crack complex health care conditions. This deep computer analysis may unveil new patterns that could bolster your provider's ability to prescribe precise therapies, make a diagnosis, recommend a clinical trial or even predict your risk of disease.

300 From Mayo Clinic News Network. MOVED


^Light Notes: This Marine veteran found a road out of homelessness and a path to hope<


A member of a community the young Marine never envisioned after serving his country.

Yet, U.S. Marine Damon Machado has shared the fate of an estimated 40,000 veterans nationwide who on any given night have no shelter.

Homelessness is a "neighborhood" in which no one wants to live. But in that community of veterans, there are men and women, each with a unique story — patriots who have served with heart.

1000 by Lucy Luginbill. MOVED




Inspirational piece.

(Will not move this week.)


^Erika Ettin: Chivalry versus equality in dating<

^RELATE-DATING-TIPS:MCT—<I was reading some comments on a dating article last week, and they highlighted a point that I already knew: In this day and age, there are two opposing forces — chivalry and equality. (Please note that in this column, I am defaulting to opposite-sex couples, but similar concepts apply in same-sex couples.)

650 by Erika Ettin. MOVED

^Barton Goldsmith: From wounded warrior to sixth in the world<

^RELATE-RELATIONSHIPS:MCT—<I was truly inspired by the story of retired Marine Sergeant Joshua A. Elliott, the spokesperson for Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra whom I met when he spoke at a local charity event for the organization. Their goal is to build The National Wounded Warrior Center to empower wounded, ill, and injured servicemen and women to transition into fulfilling lives. That is a powerful mission.

600 by Barton Goldsmith. MOVED


^The great cat flap debate — Open or closed at night?<

^PETS-CAT-FLAP:SJ—<Dear Joan: My husband and I are having an argument about the cat door.

He doesn't want to get up in the middle of the night to let the cat in, so he leaves the door open. I say the cat will be fine outside and that it's dangerous to leave the door open. Twice, something has come into the house and eaten all the cat's food in the kitchen.

Who's right?

400 by Joan Morris. MOVED


^Bottlenose dolphin born at SeaWorld<

^DOLPHIN-BORN-SEAWORLD:SD—<It wasn't "Day of the Dolphin" on Monday, afternoon but "Day of the Baby Dolphin" at SeaWorld as a 700-pound bottlenose dolphin gave birth to a calf weighing about 40 pounds.

200 by Rob Nikolewski. MOVED



^PETS-TALKINGDOGS:MO—<Animal behaviorist talks about living with pets.

By Lisa Moore (not moving; moves once a month).



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