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^St. Louis surgeon is a pioneer in treatment of children with rare paralysis <

^HLTH-RARE-PARALYSIS-TREATMENT:SL—<A Washington University surgeon has pioneered a technique to attempt to restore some function in the legs of children paralyzed by a virus that attacks their spinal cord.

Dr. Amy Moore is the first to perform nerve transfer surgeries on the legs of children with acute flaccid myelitis, a rare polio-like condition that causes muscle weakness and paralysis, and has captured the attention of federal health investigators and the media.

700 by Blythe Bernhard. MOVED


^MURDOCH research studies impact of health, nutrition, and agriculture on aging <

MED-LONGEVITY-STUDY:CH — What makes Helen Morrison tick?

At 97, Morrison lives in a Concord retirement community, walks almost daily, plays bridge four days a week, and has never had a serious illness. Despite her regimen, and her suspicion that good genes are largely responsible, she seems mildly surprised at her good health.

"I just keep going," she said.

When Morrison drove herself to an appointment this June at the North Carolina Research Campus in Kannapolis — she's since stopped driving — she was playing her part in a long-running study that might help you, too, live if not forever, at least longer and healthier.

She's among more than 12,000 local people taking part in the Measurement to Understand the Reclassification of Disease of Cabarrus/Kannapolis — the long name for what's more simply called the MURDOCK Study. Led by Duke University scientists, it's among the largest medical studies of a single U.S. community.

1550 Bruce Henderson in Kannapolis, N.C. MOVED


^Students monitor water pollution north of Tijuana<

ENV-STUDENTS-POLLUTION-TIJUANA:SD — Josh Hill, a marine biology teacher at Mar Vista High School, lost count of the number of times he's gotten sick from swimming in the ocean at Imperial Beach.

"It's just kind of sad that we have this awesome natural resource that we don't get to use," he said.

He and a group of students are raising awareness about water pollution by taking weekly water samples of the ocean and publishing their results online.

650 Gustavo Solis in Imperial Beach, Calif. MOVED



^Minnesota man beats death, then gets to hold his newborn son<

^FAM-CARDIAC-ARREST:MS—<Ashley Goette stood over her husband Andrew's lifeless body and pushed down on his chest, hoping the compressions would bring him back. He was 28 and she was 39 weeks pregnant, expecting their first baby in just days.

700 Mary Lynn Smith. MOVED


^More Maryland college students holding tuition fundraisers online<

^EDU-TUITION-FUNDRAISERS-ONLINE:BZ—<Between paying for college and helping to support his family, Towson University junior Saydu Paye is spread thin.

For most of the summer, he didn't think he could afford to go back to school this fall.

The 20-year-old information technology major from Sparrows Point turned to a GoFundMe fundraiser for relief from skyrocketing tuition and a limited pool of financial aid dollars.

1050 Hallie Miller. MOVED


^The battles MLK fought in Fort Worth almost 60 years ago still remain, attorney says<

^LIFE-RACIAL-INEQUALITIES-MLK:FT—<It's not about becoming wealthy or achieving celebrity, it's about the legacy that you leave, said Dexter Wimbush, a former leader of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, marking the 59th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.'s visit to Fort Worth.

450 by Mitch Mitchell. MOVED


^Mayo Clinic Q&A: Understanding multiple sclerosis<

^HEALTH-MULTIPLE-SCLEROSIS:MYO—<Dear Mayo Clinic: What causes multiple sclerosis, or MS, in people who don't have it in their family?

600 From Mayo Clinic News Network. MOVED



HOME-HOTPROPERTY:LA — Moves later on Fridays.



^ Quinn on Nutrition: Questions on Splenda and quinoa<

^NTR-HEALTH-ONNUTRITION:MN—<Chuck L. writes: My neighbor says, "Splenda just converts to sugar in our system." Can you comment or confirm?

500 by Barbara Quinn. MOVED




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