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Travel Budget for Monday, July 8, 2019

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^Lubbock is smack in middle of nowhere and everywhere<

^UST-LUBBOCK:MCT—<Lubbock is a long way from anywhere, and even in this West Texas town with a population of just over a quarter-million, because of its remoteness it still somehow feels uncrowded, maybe a little lonesome. Its closest neighbors of any size are a two- to three-hour drive away, give or take. Amarillo is to the north, Midland and Odessa to the south, Abilene's to the southeast, and Roswell, over the state line in New Mexico, lies to the west. So, then, at the same time, it's smack in the middle of nowhere and everywhere.

There's not much between those cities except the dusty prairies and grasslands of the Great Plains, where the buffalo used to roam and where still the deer and the antelope play alongside prairie dogs, jackrabbits, and even rattlesnakes.

But solitude is the soul of the Great Plains of West Texas, a way of life, and no one in Lubbock, sort of the epicenter of the Great Plains subset of the South Plains, seems to mind that the town stands alone

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^Sweet summer trip: Where to get your blueberry fix in southwest Michigan<

^UST-MICH-BLUEBERRIES:TB—<Mike DeGrandchamp's boast is as big as his sprawling blueberry farm, about half a mile east of Lake Michigan.

"We were in the drive-thru business before McDonald's," he said.

In fact, in the late 1950s — more than 15 years before Mickey D's sold its first burgers from a drive-up window — DeGrandchamp's mom was selling blueberries to vacationers, most of them from the Chicago area, who'd veer off U.S. Highway 31 on the outskirts of South Haven.

Motorists didn't have to get out of their cars at Beatrice DeGrandchamp's roadside stand. A driver would simply roll down the window, hand her a dollar and get three pints of farm-fresh blueberries in return.

The wooden shack with its red and yellow bunting is long gone, but during July and August, the parking lot at DeGrandchamp Farms is crowded with cars. Mike said most of them still have Illinois plates.

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^Marking a milestone: Where to celebrate this summer's 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing<

^UST-APOLLO11-CELEBRATIONS:TB—<It was a monumental achievement that enthralled people around the world: On July 20, 1969, astronauts walked on the moon.

Fifty years later, that spellbinding milestone is being honored with events across the country. Central to the celebrations are places tied to the mission: Florida's "Space Coast," where the historic Apollo 11 expedition was launched; Huntsville, Ala., where the Saturn V rocket that powered the spaceflight was built; and Houston, headquarters for mission control.

"Many Americans today take man's landing on the moon for granted," said Pauline Frommer, editorial director for Frommer's guidebooks. "In reality, it was a signature achievement for the United States — a massive, complex, dangerous undertaking."

But there's no need to leave planet Earth to enjoy the anniversary. Here are some places offering space-themed attractions and Apollo 11 fun.

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^Disney: Epcot's Liberty Inn closing; BBQ, craft beers moving in<

^UST-EPCOT-LIBERTYINN:OS—<Walt Disney World says it's closing a longtime Epcot restaurant soon. Liberty Inn, a staple of the American Adventure pavilion in the theme park's World Showcase, will be replaced with a new eatery that serves barbecue and craft beers, the company announced last week.

Liberty Inn will close July 8, according to a post on the official Disney Parks Blog. Taking its place, eventually, will be Regal Eagle Smokehouse: Craft Drafts & Barbecue. An opening date for the new restaurant was not given.

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^Disney: Epcot food fest adds indoor marketplace, 98 Degrees to concert series<

^UST-EPCOT-FOODFEST:OS—<Walt Disney World is introducing additions and changes to its upcoming Epcot International Food & Wine Festival, including a fresh new marketplace that's indoors. It has also filled out most of the Eat to the Beat concert series lineup with acts such as 98 Degrees and BBMak.

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^Chicago architecture river cruise ranks as one of the world's top travel experiences<

^UST-CHICAGO-CRUISE:TB—<When it comes to the world's best travel experiences, an architecture cruise on the Chicago River is near the top of the list.

The kudos come from TripAdvisor's recently rolled out Travelers' Choice awards for the top experiences bookable on the world's largest travel site.

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^That tourist sipping a $55 mojito on Ocean Drive? He may actually be a secret shopper<

^CNS-MIAMIBEACH-CAFES:MI—<Marissa Lopes and her friend Erin Sayago had just arrived in Miami Beach on vacation from Toronto when they were hustled into an Ocean Drive cafe by fast-talking waiters.

The waiters offered them two drinks for the price of one, so the women ordered two mojitos and a small bowl of guacamole and chips.

"They said it was a deal," Sayago said.

But before they knew what had hit them, the Canadians were slapped with a bill for over $60.

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^Bellinis and chocolates: Delta adds a touch of first class to economy on longer flights<

^CNS-DELTA-ECONOMY:MS—<Hot-towel service and welcome cocktails are no longer just for the elite on Delta Air Lines' international flights.

The Atlanta-based carrier in November will offer expanded amenities to its economy class on flights over 6 1/2 hours, bringing a touch of patrician to the plebeians.

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^Stroopwafels, maple wafers or pretzels? Now United Airlines says it's up to you<

^CNS-UNITEDAIRLINES-SNACKS:TB—<Stroopwafels, maple wafers or pretzels? Now United Airlines says it's up to you.

United Airlines passengers with a sweet tooth used to be out of luck if stuck on an evening flight: the airline only served its stroopwafel sandwich cookies in the morning. Now, passengers will get three snack options on all domestic flights, the airline said last week.

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^Travel dilemmas: The latest in Real ID drama<

^CNS-ONTHESPOT:LA—<Attention, Real ID license holders: Have you received a letter from the California Department of Motor Vehicles informing you that it wants more documentation? No? Don't panic.

In the DMV's words (from the letter I received), here's why you might receive such a notice: "This letter was sent to you because at the time you were issued a Real ID card during the period January 2018-April 2019, only one residence document was provided to the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). A second residency document must be provided ."

The letter asks whether your mailing address on the letter is correct. If it is, sign the letter, put it in the postage-paid envelope and mail it.

If the address is not correct, it asks you to sign the letter, provide two "residency documents showing your updated address," return same in the envelope, then go the DMV website to update your address (bit.ly/DMVchangeofaddress).

Here's a Q&A to explain what to do about Real ID.

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^GEOQUIZ:TB—<The weekly geography quiz.




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