In case you missed it, this is S.M.U.T.

The new downtown Bryan event had a good showing with between 60 to 70 people throughout the night. 

Since then, I've stumbled across two blogs from local residents who attended the event.

Here's an excerpt from Srikanth Sastry, publisher of Chronosynclastic Infundibulum

"There were talks on green technology, and how its much more than just windmills and solar panels; robots as truth seeking devices; the nature of privacy online; and the talks, although interesting on their own merit, were punctuated and complemented by some impressive slam poetry."

Liberal blogger and radio talk show host Teddy Wilson also wrote a post about the event. Here's a sneak peak.

"I left the Stafford Main in Downtown Bryan on Thursday night disappointed. Not because I was disappointed in my experience, but because I was disappointed that my experience had to end. Somewhere between the slam poetry, and the pints of beer, and the talk about robots seeking truth, and the conversations with friends, and the talk about uploading your brain, we all felt connected around a single thought: ideas change everything."

Attendees Twittered the event throughout the night at #ilovesmut.

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