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The Brazos Valley Fair and Rodeo is back in town for a three-day run this weekend. As always, the schedule is packed full of things to see and do, there are plenty of vendors hawking their goods and kids under 12 are free. 

Dude Perfect, the trick-shot making group that began producing YouTube videos of seemingly impossible basketball shots while roommates at Texas A&M, may have some competition.

When I went to bed after midnight last night, the Texas Senate was in a state of confusion. I couldn't tell what was going on from the livestream that I was watching, but it was clear the session was over. I wasn't sure what had just happened or what was to come, but knew I couldn't stay up …

Ben Tedrick posted an interesting shark video on his Fish Tales blog, so I thought I would pass along this great photo that the Associated Press moved. The photo was taken by Shelly Negrotti on Cape Cod over the weekend.

On Sunday, Texas A&M officially joined the Southeastern Conference. In a campus celebration on Monday, university officials and athletes raised the flags of their SEC opponents.

We've hit that time of the year when my calendar gets covered in so many scribbles, sticky notes and event reminders that I can hear it screaming for mercy.

Headlines can be tricky. You only have a few words to offer both an accurate summary of the story and an enticement for the reader to dig in.

I haven't had much luck with Christmas shopping for the kids this year. I've tried. Repeatedly. But every time, I find myself in a store surrounded by gadgets and gizmos of all sorts, glancing from toy to toy thinking, "That won't last. ... That will annoy me. ... They'll lose interest in th…

I'm a terrible blogger. My wife celebrated a birthday last month, and I failed to follow the proper blogging protocol by marking the occasion with a list of the 38 things I love most about her. (I picked the number 38 for no reason whatsoever, by the way.)

I'm not bragging, but I can say with confidence that the youngest member of our household has chosen me as his favorite. His mom will say, "I love you," only to be slapped in the face with "I love Dad more." Every. Single. Time.

A beekeeper wearing tens of thousands of bees waits to be weighed during a bee bearding contest in central China's Hunan province on Saturday. (AP photo)

I visited a Pebble Creek Elementary School classroom on Wednesday to talk about journalism to a group of students taking a summer enrichment course called Newsmakers.

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