What a fantastic weekend for football. The Broncos Peyton Manning shredded the Patriots, Seattle's Richard Sherman put on a show and Texas A&M fans rushed Twitter to defend the “12th Man.”

Aggies love their traditions and going after any fan base that uses the phrase might be its own budding ritual. Like clockwork, every time the Seahawks play my TweetDeck is filled with the A&M faithful denouncing the use of term that both Texas A&M and the Seattle Seahawks contractually agreed that they could both use. The Seahawks even pay Texas A&M to use it (more on that in a bit).

The official Texas A&M Twitter account fueled the flames by firing off six tweets yesterday with the hashtag #12thman, no doubt capitalizing on the Seahawks success and visibility. 

There's no denying the passion of Aggie fans: 

A&M's Associate Athletic Director Jason Cook also got in on the fun:

In 2006, Texas A&M and the Seahawks settled a lawsuit outside of court. The Seahawks agreed to pay A&M royalties to use the phrase, although an A&M spokesman said the agreement was more about protecting the brand than making money. Seattle pays Texas A&M $5,000 a year to use the phrase. 

The agreement ends in 2016 and the spokesman said "if" the university decides to partner again with Seattle that it would "not be the same type of contract." He wouldn't say what a new contract would look like, that's probably being worked on by the lawyers, but said that A&M officials are being very proactive in their negotiations with Seattle and that there is some sort of current talks. Although the contract doesn't end until 2016, a new agreement could be reached sooner. 

Whatever route the university takes, it will certainly take more than $5,000 to appease the Aggie fans. 

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Are you kidding me?! I pay a fee for every building, I pay for the buses, I pay me part of Kyle Field each semester & $5,000 is all the stupid lawyers could ask for to share the oldest tradition with a NFL franchise! They call that a settlement out of court. Why do small printing companies have to pay A&M royalties for every item they sell that has a little logo on it after they have gotten permission to do so when they gave "The 12th Man" away? They make it impossible for local small businesses to work with A&M & they give it to the Seahawks. This smells, someone in a high position owns part of the franchise, is friends with the owner or something is going on! Maybe they thought we would never know their ridiculous deal. $5,000 a YEAR that's a joke! A&M you should be ashamed, you didn't send lawyers to represent our oldest & proudest tradition you sent monkeys!

Adrienne Swinney

This is ridiculous. Each full time student at A&M has to pay almost half that amount in fees every year to use things like the library, the student complex, the buses, etc. And a huge franchise like the Seattle Seahawks pay only 5,000 to use the phrase that is an Aggie tradition? Why not charge them more to use the phrase and allow your students to be less in debt every year by having that money help supplement the cost of running those programs?

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