Brazil model accusing Neymar of rape parts with 3rd lawyer

Brazilian soccer player Neymar leaves police headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Thursday, June 6, 2019. Neymar went to the headquarters in an investigation linked to a woman’s rape allegation against him.

SAO PAULO (AP) — The 26-year-old model who has accused soccer star Neymar of raping her in a Paris hotel parted on Tuesday from her third lawyer in less than three weeks.

Attorney Danilo Garcia de Andrade confirmed to The Associated Press that he no longer represents Najila Trindade in her rape case.

De Andrade didn't say why, but he told journalists Monday that he would drop the case if the accuser didn't give authorities a seven-minute video that she has described as key evidence. The model said Monday night in a television interview that the images were in a tablet that was stolen after she brought her charges against Neymar. Police said they are investigating her theft report.

Neymar denies the rape accusation. Police officials have said he is expected to meet with investigators Thursday, but no final agreement on the date was announced.

The AP doesn't name alleged sexual assault victims unless they make their identities public, which Trindade did in interviews with Brazilian television.

Lawyer Jose Edgard Bueno withdrew from the case after the accuser on her own filed a rape complaint with Sao Paulo police May 31. Bueno said he had wanted to seek a settlement with the player.

Attorney Yasmin Abdalla then took over, but left the case to her partner de Andrade before Trindade testified to police Friday.

Trindade has yet to pick a new attorney.

Also on Tuesday an aide of Neymar's was interviewed by investigators. Rodrigo Gallo was reported by Trindade as the person who booked her ticket to Paris and a hotel room so she could meet with the player. His testimony lasted two hours. Gallo did not talk to journalists after he left.

In her interview with SBT television Monday night, Trindade raised questions about how police are investigating her rape allegation, and appeared to imply that investigators had been paid off. "Police are sold, aren't they?" she said.

The association of Sao Paulo state police investigators issued a statement Tuesday denouncing her comments.

"We can't tolerate statements that without any basis stain the honor of police and the image of a whole institution," the group said.

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