Restaurant Monitor

The Restaurant Monitor is a weekly listing of scores for restaurants inspected by the Brazos County Health Department.

Inspections scores are on a 100-point scale. Generally, scores below 80 might cause the department to schedule a follow-up visit. A score below 70 results in the suspension of an establishment’s health permit.

The following inspections were conducted Oct. 22 through 29.


Astin Mansion, 506 W. 26th St. – 100; BCS Fish & Ribs, 800 San Jacinto Lane – 100; Bryan Child Development Center, 711 Houston St. – 100; Johnny BBQ, 4006 Old Hearne Road – 100; Producers Cooperative Association, 1800 N. Texas Ave. – 100; Readfield Meat Inc., 2701 S. Texas Ave. – 100; Still Creek Ranch Cafeteria, 6055 Hearne Road – 100; Tienda Mi Ranchito, 503 N. Texas Ave. – 100.

Best Western Atrea, 1920 Austins Colony Parkway – 93. Food contact surfaces of equipment and utensils not cleaned/sanitized/good repair, water ­– unapproved source/sufficient capacity/lack of hot/cold.

Dollar General Store, 3706 N. Texas Ave. – 97. Hand wash facilities without soap and towels.

Papa Perez Mexican Cuisine, 200 S. Main St. – 95. Improper cooling for cooked/prepared food.

Stripes, 4300 Boonville Road – 87. Cold hold temperature violation(s) (41 F/45 F), toxic items improperly labeled/stored/used, hot hold temperature violation(s) (135 F).

Super Donuts, 1500 W. William J. Bryan Parkway – 85. Lack of good hygienic practices, cross-contamination of raw/cooked foods/other, food contact surfaces of equipment and utensils not cleaned/sanitized/good repair, unapproved systems (hazardous control plans).

Yole’s La Familia Taqueria, 300 N. Texas Ave. – 95. Hot hold temperature violation(s) (135 F).


Aggie Express – Sbisa, 233 Houston St. – 100; Benjamin Knox Gallery, 405 University Drive E. – 100; Executive Inn and Suites, 901 University Drive – 100; Hampton Inn & Suites, 925 Earl Rudder Freeway – 100; Smoothie King, 233 Houston St. – 100; El Mundo del Taco, 16329 Old Bundick Road – 100.

College Station High School, 4002 Victoria Ave. – 96. Water ­– unapproved source/sufficient capacity/lack of hot/cold.

Four Point by Sheraton, 1503 Texas Ave. S. – 90. Hot hold temperature violation(s) (135 F), cold hold temperature violation(s) (41 F/45 F).

Grandandy’s, 4242 Koppe Bridge Road – 93. Unsound condition, unapproved sewage/wastewater disposal system/improper disposal.

Rosa’s Café, 710 University Drive E. – 95. Cold hold temperature violation(s) (41 F/45 F).

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