Our Neighbors: Navasota ISD

The Navasota ISD Education Foundation recently awarded $35,600 in grants to 17 teachers working on eight projects.

• High Point Elementary School teachers Sarah Lee and Elicia Meekins were awarded $4,950 for a first-grade summer enrichment program designed to help prepare at-risk students for the next grade level of English/Language Arts instruction.

• High Point Elementary teachers Ashley Barrett, Julie Mock and Pam Mojica received $4,774 for a program geared toward providing technology to second-grade students.

• Navasota High School teachers Kimberly Ann Currens and Megan Wilkinson were awarded $4,962 for the purchase of seminar-style chairs and tables, which will allow students to work side-by-side in solving problems in a cooperative environment.

• Navasota High School teachers Jake Henson and Ronnie Gonzalez were given $4,977 for a new camera package for the high school media crew. The new equipment will improve the quality of the team projects while expanding the range of skills learned.

• Navasota High School teachers Kristi Ramsey and Darcie Crumpacker were awarded $2,560 to help students complete science fair experiements outside the classroom requirements.

• Navasota Junior High School teachers Brett Henry and Benjamin Mendez will use $3,468 from the grant program for a landscape project that will guide students through the process of planning, budgeting, procuring materials and implementing the work, including the design process and selection of plants.

• Navasota Junior High School teachers Monica Guerrero and Cara Moreland will use the $4,908 grant for a project-based learning program that will give students access to mobile devices and the Internet to allow them to investigate their projects and present their ideas.

• Teachers Jo Anna Moreland, Jessica Waldroup and Ronnie Gonzalez earned $5,000 for a program to provide funding for tickets and transportation to allow students at all grade levels to attend theatrical productions.

High Point Elementary School teacher Sarah Lee stands with her students during the presentation of a $4,950 grant to fund a first-grade summer enrichment program.

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