Rudder girls gymnastics

Rudder’s Emma Jones competes in the vault at the state gymnastics meet Saturday at Viking Gym.

The Rudder boys moved up in the standings and onto the podium, and the College Station girls held off an effort to bump them from it as both teams earned trophies at the Texas High School Gymnastics Coaches Association state meet Saturday at Viking Gym.

The Rangers moved from seventh to fifth place on the strength of their work on the horizontal bar. Jabari Carter and Justin Pollock each nailed the final dismounts of their Rudder careers to place fifth and eighth, respectively, and sophomore Nicholas Rivera helped the Rudder cause with a 13th-place finish.

“Jabari Carter said that is the best way to go out,” Rudder coach Omar Loya said. “High bar we typically are first or second in the state, because they know how to swing. They are really great guys, but it’s the last event, and they are tired, and mentally mistakes popped in here and there. But the last two guys, Jabari Parker and Justin Pollock, hit awesome sets and made that push to the fifth place.”

Pollock tied for fourth on the pommel horse, which led to a seventh-place all-round medal. Pollock finished six points behind all-around champion Adam Elahma of Highland Park, who finished with a 116.10 total.

Pollock also was one of four gymnasts to be selected for a THSGCA scholarship. He plans on continuing to compete in gymnastics with the Texas A&M club team.

“To be an all-arounder you have to be a special kind of gymnast, and Justin is one of those special kind of gymnast,” Loya said. “He is consistent. He thinks about what he supposed to do, doesn’t waste time and energy. He doesn’t look competitive because he’s very quiet, a calm demeanor, but he is a competitor.”

Rudder finished with a team total of 324.45 points. The Rangers improved nearly 17 points from the first to the second day. Saginaw defended its title at 340.75.

Between the two sessions Saturday, former Bryan and Rudder coach J.T. Fletcher was named to the THSGCA Hall of Honor. Fletcher worked 32 years for the Bryan school district, including 22 years at Bryan and 10 years at Rudder. He led Bryan and Rudder to 10 team titles and 46 individual titles at the state meet. He also won four individual state titles in 1979.

College Station’s girls began the final day in sixth place — the final spot for a team trophy at the state meet. The Lady Cougars held a lead of 0.025 points over seventh-place Round Rock after the compulsory round. They finished with a 3.175 margin over Round Rock for their highest finish in program history.

“The scores were so close after yesterday, we really didn’t have any room to mess up today, so we just had to be right on and get the scores we needed,” College Station Julie Foght said. “We had to focus on us and not the scores, and it paid off.”

College Station junior Kalyn Dujka helped the Lady Cougars extend their lead. She moved up in the all-around from seventh to fifth with a 76.875 total. Kat Rodriguez of Rockwell capped the competition with her second straight perfect 10 on the floor exercise to give her the all-around title at 78.700.

College Station junior Katelyn Kolodziejczyk finished 13th in the all-around and picked up two individual medals by finishing 10th on the uneven bars and the balance beam.

“Kalyn obviously is a very integral part of the team,” Foght said. “Her and Katelyn really carry the team, are really great leaders and they go out and hit all the time. They are super consistent, and we can always count on them. There was a lot of pressure on them, and they rose to the occasion. The pressure for some reason does not get to them.”

Dujka earned medals in three of the four events. She tied for fifth in the floor exercise and took eighth on the vault and balance beam.

“The first goal was to get here,” Foght said. “The second goal was to get on the podium .and we did, so that was great. I’m excited, and with no seniors hopefully next year this will push us forward.”

Rudder’s Madison Miller finished 21st in the girls all-around at 74.70. Rudder moved up two places from 14th to 12th in the girls team standings.

San Angelo Central claimed the girls team title by 0.325 over Rockwall. Boswell finished third.

THSGCA State Meet

Here are the final results from the Texas High School Gymnastics Coaches Association state meet held at Viking Gym on Friday and Saturday. Scores are combined from both days.


Final Team Standings

1. Saginaw, 340.75; 2. Rockwall, 337.15; 3. Odessa Permian, 332.65; 4. Kingwood, 332.30; 5. Rudder, 324.45; 6. Round Rock, 322.75; 7. L.D. Bell, 321.80; 8. Lakeview Centennial, 320.90; 9. Highland Park, 320.05; 10. San Angelo Central, 318.95


1. Adam Elahmadi, Highland Park, 116.10; 2. Theron Graham, Round Rock, 115.45; 3. Tyler Naukam, Saginaw, 114.50; 3. Joseph Bryant, Saginaw 114.50; 5. Ryan Dominguez, Odessa Permian, 111.55; 6. Matthias Wittenberg, Kingwood, 111.15; 7. Justin Pollock, Rudder, 110.70; 8. Adam Knight, Kingowood, 111.30; 9. Coltyn Roemisch, Odessa Permian, 109.30; 10. Peyton Payblas, l.D. Bell, 108.85

Horizontal Bar

1. Theron Graham, Round Rock, 19.75; 2. Adam Elahmadi, Highland Park, 19.50; 3. Ryan Dominguez, Permian, 19.20;; 4. Joseph Bryant, Saginaw, 18.95; 5. Jabarie Carter, Rudder,18.80; 5. Tyler Naukam, Saginaw, 18.80; 7. Aaron Cory, Rockwall, 18.75; 8. Justin Pollock, Rudder, 18.65; 9. Seth Frenzel, Chisholm Trail, 18.10; 10. Brad Webster, Saginaw, 17.95.

Parallel Bars

1. Adam Elahmadi, Highland Park, 19.35; 2. Tyler Naukam, Saginaw, 19.25; 3. Matthias Wittenberg, Kingwood,19.20; 4. Coltyn Roemisch, Permian, 19.15; 5. Michael Gomez, Rockwall, 19.00; 5. Adam Knight, Kingwood, 19.00; 5. Joseph Bryant, Saginaw, 19.00; 8. Ryan Dominguez, Permian, 18.95; 8. Preston Gage, Rockwall, 18.95; 10. Osiris Gomez, Rockwall, 18.85; 10. Wyatt Stanford, 18.85


1. Tyler Naukam, Saginaw, 19.35; 2. Adam Elahmadi, Highland Park, 19.30; 2. Zane Larman, Rockwall, 19.30; 4. Joseph Bryant, Saginaw, 19.25; 5. Zachery Harris, Euless Trinity, 19.20; 6. Zach Cochran, Round Rock, 19.15; 7. Mariano Deller, San Angelo Central, 19.05; 8. Theron Graham, Round Rock, 19.00; 9. Dakota Burnett, L.D. Bell, 18.90; 10. Brett Garcia, Rockwall18.85.


1. Joseph Bryant, Saginaw, 19.45; 2. Adam Elahmadi, Highland Park, 19.40; 2. Theron Graham, Round Rock, 19.40 4. Preston Gage, Rockwall, 19.35; 5. Trey Wolfe, Rockwall, 19.25; 6. Wayne Hines, San Angelo Central, 19.15; 7. Adam Knight, Kingwood, 19.10; 8. Tyler Hill, Saginaw, 19.05; Matthias Wittenberg, Kingwood. 19.05; 10. Ryan Dominguez, Permian, 19.00; 10. Zach McTaggart, 19.00; 10. Coltyn Roemisch, Permian, 19.00

Pommel Horse

1. Theron Graham, Round Rock 19.60; 2. Adam Elahmadi, Highland Park, 19.45; 3. Tyler Naukam, Saginaw, 18.95; 4. Aaron McLeon, Lakeview Centennial, 18.80; 4. Matthias Wittenberg, Kingwood; 18.80; 4. Justin Pollock,, Rudder, 18.80;7. Dylan Hardy, Saginaw, 18.75; 7. Ryan Dominguez, Permian, 18.75; 9. Joseph Bryant, Saginaw, 18.65; Brandon Justice, Saginaw, 18.65

Floor Exercise

1. Joseph Bryant, Saginaw, 19.2; 1. Joseph Bryant, Saginaw, 19.20; 3 Theron Graham, Round Rock, 19.15; 4. Adam Elahmadi, Round Rock, 19.10; 5. Matthias Wittenberg, Kingwood, 19.05; 6. Zackary Hemphill, Rockwall, 18.90; 6. Zach Cochran, Round Rock, 18.90; 6. Isaiah Bushman, L.D. Bell, 18.90; 9. Jonathan Gonzalez, Permian, 18.75; 9. Seth Frenzel, Chisolm Trail, 18.75


Final Team Standings

1. San Angelo Central, 232.375; 2. Rockwall, 232.050; 3. Boswell, 231.950; 4. L.D. Bell, 229.925; 5. Rockwall-Heath, 229.675; 6. College Station, 228.600; 7. Round Rock, 225.425; 8. Saginaw, 223.950; 9. Highland Park, 223.650; 10. Permian, 216.775; 12. Rudder, 212.800


Kat Rodriguez, Rockwall, 78.700; 2. Madison Vogel, San Angelo Central, 78.450; 3. Julia Newell, Boswell, 77.800; 4. Peyton Moody, Rockwall-Heath, 77.350; 5. Kalyn Dujka, College Station, 76.785; 6. Amanda Martinez, El paso Bel Air, 76.850; 7. Jadyn Sawyer, San Angelo Central, 76.775; 8. Alex Beardsley, Boswell, 76.750; 9. Kara Abram, L.D. Bell, 76.725; 10. Spencer Ware, Rockwell-Heath, 76.325

Floor Exercise

1. Kat Rodriguez, Rockwall, 20.00; 2. Madison Vogel, San Angelo Central, 19.675; 3. Alex Beardsley, Boswell, 19.625; 3. Spncer Ware, Rockwell-Heath, 19.625; 5. Kalyn Dujka, College Station, 19.500; 5. Mayson Hicks, L.D. Bell, 19.500; 7. Amanda Martinez, El Paso Bel Air, 19.475; 8. Mikayla Scott, Round Rock, 19.450; 8. Kennedy Shelton, Rockwall, 19.450; 10. Julia Newell, Boswell, 19.400

Balance Beam

1. Kat Rodriguez, Rockwall, 19.725; 2. Mayson Hicks, L.D. Bell, 19.575; 2. Jadyn Sawyer, San Angelo Central, 19.575; 2. Kennedy Shelton, Rockwall, 19.575; 5. Madison Vogel, San Angelo Central, 19.400; 5. Alex Beardsley, Boswell, 19.400; 7. Peyton Moody, Rockwall-Heath, 19.35; 8. Kalyn Dujka, College Station, 19.15; 8. Marybel Pina, Saginaw, 19.15; 10. Katelyn Kolodziejczyk, College Station, 19.125; 10. Julia Newell, Boswell, 19.125; 10. Savanna Razani, San Angelo Central, 19.125.

Uneven Bars

Julia Newell, Boswell, 19.725; Madison Vogel, San Angelo Central, 19.625; 3. Jayleigh Patterson, Boswell, 19.600; 4. Amanda Martinez, El Paso Bel Air, 19.475; 5. Kat Rodriguez, Rockwall, 19.425; 6. Payton Eck, Boswell, 19.40; 7. Peyton Moody, Rockwall-Heath, 19.375; 8. Kara Abram, L.D. Bell, 19.225; 9. Savanna Razani, San Angelo Central, 19.20; 10. Katelyn Kolodziejczyk, College Station, 19.10


Madison Vogel, San Angelo Central, 19.75; 2. Amanda Martinez, El Paso Bel Air, 19.55; Kat Rodriguez, Rockwall, 19.55; 2. Julia Newell, Boswell, 19.55; 5. Kara Abram, L.D. Bell, 19.50; 6. Bailey Daulong, Rockwall-Heath, 19.475; 7. Mary Grace Thompson, San Angelo Central, 19.45; 8. Kalyn Dujka, College Station, 19.425; 8. Bridgett Pando, Permian, 19.425; 10. Spencer Ware, Rockwall-Heath, 19.40.

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