Details for Citation J. C. Contracting Solutions, Defendant


THE STATE OF TEXAS THE STATE OF TEXAS TO: Julio Avila d/b/a J.C. Contracting Solutions, Defendant, Greeting: You (AND EACH OF YOU) ARE HEREBY COMMANDED to appear before the CCL2 of Brazos County at the Courthouse being located at 300 E 261h Street in the City of Bryan, Brazos County Texas, by filing a written answer at or before 10 o'clock A. M. of the first Monday next after the expiration of forty-two days from the date of the issuance of this citation, the date for answer being 11th day of December, 2019 A. D., to Plaintiff's Original Petition For Declaratory Judgment filed in said court, on the 8th day of April, 2019 in this cause, numbered 19-001011-CV-CCL2 on the docket of said CCL2 and styled: Laurel Walsh vs. Julio Avila d/b/a J.C. Contracting Solutions A brief statement of the nature of this suit is as to follows, to-wit:* Plaintiff's Original Petition for Declaratory Judgment The officer executing this writ shall promptly serve the same according to requirements of law, and the mandate3s hereof, and make due return as the law directs. Witness, Gabriel Garcia, Clerk of the District Court(s) of Brazos County, Texas. Issued and given under my hand and the seal of said court at office on this the 30th day of October, 2019 Gabriel Garcia, District Clerk 300 E 26th Street, Suite 1200 Bryan, TX 77803 CCL 2 Brazos County, Texas By: /s/ Lisa Coffey, Deputy Notice You have been sued. You may employ an attorney. If you or your attorney do not file a written answer with the clerk who issued this citation by 10:00 A. M. on the Monday next following the expiration of forty-two days after you were served this citation and petition, a default judgment may be taken against you. 11-8-19, 11-15-19, 11-22-19, 11-29-19


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