Comfort Keepers would like to
take this opportunity to recognize
Emily Gunnels for the work she does
in getting the next generation of
healthcare workers prepared to serve
in our community. Emily serves as
the Internship Coordinator for Texas
A&M’s Community Health Program. In
this role she is responsible for placing
interns and coordinating the intern
program for the department.
As a member of TAMU Class of ’04,
Emily started with the department as a
student worker in 2001 and has helped
with the community health program
ever since. Even when she was living
in DC they found a way for her to work
Her aim is to be a bridge for her
student and help them go from their

Community Spotlight
final semester as a student to the
real world. She and her team work
with them for a full year before they
graduate. She works hand in hand
with Aggies preparing her incoming
interns for the professional world.
Some undergrads are very set in
what they want to do and they want
to do while others use the internship
as a safe way to explore something
new. They get to find out if they are
interested in other fields that they
might be thinking about exploring.
They interview the students and try
to offer them three options that might
meet their development needs.
“I think very few people know what
community health is and don’t really
know the full benefits of interning”
She noted to us. “We don’t have

apprenticeships anymore so young
employees don’t have the luxury
exploring how they might best utilize
their new skills before determining
the next steps of their lives. The vast
majority of my students tell me during
debriefing that they had no idea how
important this was going to be. They
are also grateful that we support them
during that internship and have our
university supervisor stay in touch
with them during the entire semester
for whatever they need”.
Since its inception; her program
has evolved from a statewide set
of opportunities to a network that
includes placements all across the
continental United States, Hawaii, the
Dominican Republic and Australia just
to name a few. These students serve as

the face of the program and Texas A&M
world wide and are helping to grow
the global Aggie Network every day.
All she asked by way of thanks
was “if I call you and ask you about
an intern… take the free help”. We
can say from experience that taking
multiple college students under our
wings has been as much of a blessing
to us as it was for the students.
We here at Comfort Keepers would
like to commend Emily for the almost
100 student she has placed in our
community in this year alone and
for the countless others that have
come before these. Our healthcare
community is better of due to the
invaluable experience these aggies
have gained and as a result of their
expertise they have offered.

Emily Gunnnels



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