Comfort Keepers would like to
take this opportunity to recognize
an important member of the Brazos
Valley’s healthcare field for his
contribution to elevating the human
From the age of 16 until he was
21, Bryce Rasco worked for his
grandparents in their store in Gause,
about 30 miles North of here. His
grandmother had friends in the
nursing home in Hearne. Every Sunday
before church, Bryce would collect
these ladies from the nursing home,
get them dressed and bring them to
church. Then after church, he and his
grandparents would feed them then
get them back to the nursing home.
After having done this for about a
year and a half; it was Grandma who
was the first to ask; “why don’t you

Community Spotlight
go to nursing school?” Not long after,
his mom asked as well. Over the next
6 months they kept pressuring and
actually brought him a registration
from for a nursing program. Of the
almost 500 candidates, he was one of
30 who were accepted. Once he had
begun the nursing program he was
hooked. Because of his life long love
of the elderly he knew that he wanted
to work in Long Term Care. Bryce
spent the next decade serving seniors
in Long Term Care facilities and in
our areas only Long-Term Acute Care
Hospital. When changes in Medicare
reimbursement forced the closure
of his LTAC Hospital he was forced to
reevaluate how to best use his gifts in
service to our community.
It was at this point when, on his way
back from an interview with a hospital

in the Woodlands, he received the
call that his mother in law was being
rushed to the hospital. She passed
away leaving behind a husband with
Parkinson’s who required Bryce to stay
in town and assist in his care.
“My friends kept asking me to come
work here in hospice and I told them
no about 5 times; I thought I knew
what hospice was and I preferred the
healing aspect of care. Fast-forward
5 years and Hospice has become, by
far, my favorite job. Now I couldn’t
see myself doing any other aspect of
Today, Bryce is a Transitions
Navigator with the dedicated team
at Encompass. Started here 5 years
ago, Encompass has an inpatient
facility, home health and hospice. He
visits with families and helps them

understand that hospice is not a
place where patients go to pass
away. Rather, it allows them to be
comfortable at home where their
care is delivered in a familiar setting.
Hospice does not mean giving up
or stopping care. In fact, if patients
are admitted to hospice at the right
time, it actually helps extend their
life compared to those who start care
too late or not at all. He notes that
the vast majority of families that he
speaks with say they wish that they
had known about hospice earlier.
In recognition of his sharing his
gifts of caring and elevating the
human spirit every day, Comfort
Keepers extends our heart felt thanks
and blessings to Nurse Bryce Rasco.

Bryce Rasco



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