Retiring? Don’t make Farmhouse Style
these real estate mistakes
How to Nail the

2019 Bryan-College Station Regional
Association of REALTORS® President

Looking forward to retirement?
It can be an exciting transition.
Unfortunately, some people find
themselves in tough circumstances due
to unwise real estate moves. Here are
some mistakes to avoid.
Don’t make impulsive decisions
If you’ve been planning to sell your
current home to downsize or move
to a new location, you’ve likely done
research and given some thought to the
idea. If not, though, a quick decision
right after you retire could lead to
disappointment or financial difficulty.
Take time to explore all the factors that
go into any move you’re considering.
You can also discuss your ideas with a
local Realtor. He or she has experience
helping many others who have made
the same kinds of moves you’re now
Remember that retirement isn’t
the same as a vacation
You may have loved going to your
favorite vacation spot each year and
dreamed about one day retiring there.
But vacationing in a place is not the
same as living there. Before you make
that move, spend time in the area and
imagine it as your permanent home.
Does it have the year-round amenities,
weather, and lifestyle that work well for
you? Also, can you afford the kind of
home you want and the ongoing cost of
living there?
Don’t forget your health and
Whether you want to remain in
your current home or sell it and buy

something else, think
about how your life
could change as
you age. Does your
location provide
access to the medical
care you may need?
Is the home itself
navigable if you become less mobile?
Planning for these possibilities now may
save you from having to move again if
your health declines.
Keep the costs in mind
Whether you’re thinking about
buying a second home or selling your
current house and buying something
nicer, be sure to carefully run the
numbers. It’s easy to underestimate
all the costs of homeownership. Can
you really afford the homeowners
association fees, insurance,
maintenance, and taxes without
depleting your retirement money too
Have a plan for your sale
If you make a sizeable profit from
downsizing, what will you do with that
money? A new car and lavish vacations
may be tempting, but soundly investing
your proceeds may be just what you
need to shore up your retirement nest

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in Your Interior Decorating

(StatePoint) Farmhouse style is
cozy, rustic, charming and eclectic.
While creating the vibe in your own
home is easy, according to home
decorating experts, it requires some
attention to detail.
Designer, Instagram personality,
blogger and business owner Liz Marie
Galvan, who recently renovated her
1840s farmhouse, is sharing a few key
elements to consider:
Natural Wood Elements
Searching for the perfect table,
picture frame, or bookshelf ? When in
doubt, use natural wood.
“Natural wood really evokes that
old-time feel. In our home we have
wood flooring in every room, but
you can also bring in natural wood
kitchen cabinets, dressers, trim and
so much more.”
To be eco-conscious while nailing
the weathered look, consider sourcing
locally reclaimed lumber, where
possible. You can continue the wood
motif by adding shiplap accent walls
or even shiplap ceilings to certain
Replacement Windows
“Most people don’t think a
lot about windows -- window
treatments, yes, but windows...not
so much,” points out Galvan. “But
windows themselves can be a gamechanger. One of the key parts of our
renovation was all-new windows with
a historically accurate grille pattern,
which totally changed the look and
feel of the house.”
This upgrade not only
complemented the historical period
of the home’s structure to define
the look, it also eliminated the draft
she was experiencing from the old
windows that came with the home -- a
good reminder that old-school charm
does not need to be accompanied by

old-school discomfort.
While Galvan did hers in white
with colonial grilles, other colors,
such as black, would also go great in a
farmhouse-style home. Keep in mind,
there are many elements to consider,
and you’ll want the flexibility to
customize. This is why Galvan turned
to Renewal by Andersen, the fullservice custom replacement window
division of Andersen. Offering a
start-to-finish process, one can
select among 49 color combinations,
numerous hardware choices and a
wide variety of grille patterns and
frames -- including a custom-designed
option. For customization inspiration,
As for trim, Galvan says you can
get instant farmhouse vibes and make
a new build look old by using thick,
chunky window, door and floorboard
trim throughout the entire home.
Extra Touches
Decorate with items you’d actually
find on a farm, as much as possible.
Galvan used rustic farmhouse fabrics
like grainsack, tobacco baskets,
chicken nesters, farmhouse signs,
barn wood and more. And about
80 percent of her home’s furniture
is antique or vintage, she says.
Antiquing is not only fun, but when
you find that perfect treasure, there
may be a touch of triumph involved.
However, if the treasure hunt starts
to feel more like a search for a needle
in a haystack, consider going the
“faux antique” route. Many stores sell
convincing reproductions.
For more style inspiration and to learn
more about Galvan’s project, visit:

PO BOX 3000, BRYAN, TX 77805


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