Is Your Old Handbag
Taking Up Space?


rade in your old
handbag and help
someone one in
need. Jerry Kohl, owner
of Brighton, began a
handbag tradein event years
ago. He partners
with local store
owners and
customers to
collect gently
used handbags of
any brand to be
donated to local
charities. His
thought is that
everyone wins.
The customer
saves money, the
store owner sells
handbags, and
women in need
receive handbags
for free.
As a store
owner, I selected
Twin City
Missions as a charity that
I support because it helps
not only homeless men,
women, and families with
children, but battered
women in Phoebe’s home.
Battered women often
arrive at Phoebe’s home
with nothing except
what they are wearing.
Readying them for a
self-supporting life, helps
break the cycle of abuse.
Bring your gently used
handbag (it does not have
to be a Brighton bag) to
Morgan Fitzgerald’s.
Select your new
handbag from our
stock (the one
you’ve had your
eye on). For
bags over $249

we will
$50, for
those less
than $249,

Simply Stylish
Nancy Pride

we will deduct $25. If
you want more than one
bag, bring in a gently used
bag for each additional
bag you would like. The
event ends this Saturday.
In preparation for your
trade-in, please check
each compartment to be
sure all your credit cards
and valuables have been
removed. Remember,
what is taking up space
in your closet could be
something special for a
woman in need.
Nancy Pride owns
Morgan Fitzgerald’s and
Merle Norman
located at 3800 S.
Texas Avenue,
one mile north of
University Drive.

PO BOX 3000, BRYAN, TX 77802


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